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Art is a medium through which a child expresses his/her thoughts, feelings and fantasies. A child's artwork depicts his/her perception of the world around him/her. Children who are encouraged to express through art their thoughts, feelings and imaginations are broadened and enriched. Art promotes creativity and ability to think. Keeping this premise in mind, this section is devoted to the imagination, creativity and artistic flair of the kids. Art created by the children in all their innocent, untethered brilliance will be featured. 

We invite the young Da Vincis, Picassos and Hussains to 'rock' us with a riot of color and creativity.

  Flowers and Life
  The Peacock
  Gandhiji's Sorrow
  Lunar Eclipse
  Life in Water
  Tree - My Mother
  Rajasthani Women
  Baby Lord Ganesha
  Baby Dolphin
  A Free Bird by Swadha Mohanty    
  A Healthy Heart by Dr. Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy    
  Adivasi Dance Form by Swadha Mohanty    
  An Indian Village by Siddharth Nanda    
  An Indian Village by Swadha Mohanty    
  Angel's Trumpets by P Rao Pulakhandam    
  Azalea by Rajender Krishan    
  Baby Dolphin by Isha Chowdhry    
  Baby Lord Ganesha by Melissa Fernandes    
  Beach View by Jiya Chowdhry    
  Beautiful Landscape by Swadha Mohanty    
  Begonia by Rajender Krishan    
  Being Accommodative by Rajender Krishan    
  Bird by Subhankar Sharma    
  Birds by Swadha Mohanty    
  Bleeding Tree by Swadha Mohanty    
  Bob Marley by Mishika Chowdhary    
  Bob the Builder by Aditya Chowdhary    
  Boy and a Girl by Isha Chowdhry    
  Burning Nature by Swadha Mohanty    
  Child Labor by Swadha Mohanty    
  Christmas Tree by Jiya Chowdhry    
  Circus by Swadha Mohanty    
  Cityscape by K. Yashovardhana    
  Communication by Rajender Krishan    
  Computer by Siddharth Nanda    
  Conferencing Children by Rajender Krishan    
  Contemplating Resting by Jasper Chand    
  Cricket by Swadha Mohanty    
  Daisy by Rajender Krishan    
  Daisy - 2 by Rajender Krishan    
  Dancing Mermaid by Swadha Mohanty    
  Dancing Peacock by Swadha Mohanty    
  Day Lily by Rajender Krishan    
  Deforestation by Swadha Mohanty    
  Diwali 2011 by Swadha Mohanty    
  Dogwood by Rajender Krishan    
  Don't Disturb by Rajender Krishan    
  Elephant by Swadha Mohanty    
  Environment by Ankita Panda    
  Family by Swadha Mohanty    
  Family Tree by Swadha Mohanty    
  Flowers and Life by G. Jaya Harshini    
  Football by Anand Chowdhry    
  Foxgloves / Digitalis by Rajender Krishan    
  Fruits in a Bowl by Swadha Mohanty    
  Fun in School by Isha Chowdhry    
  Future Dilemma by Uttam Kumar Pal    
  Gandhiji's Sorrow by Swadha Mohanty    
  Ganesha's Birthday by Meghna Chowdhary    
  Geranium by Rajender Krishan    
  Girl in a Cage! by Swadha Mohanty    
  Grab the Crabs by Swadha Mohanty    
  Health File by Dr. Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy    
  Heliopsis by Rajender Krishan    
  Holi by Swadha Mohanty    
  Hot Summer by Swadha Mohanty    
  Hydrangea by Rajender Krishan    
  I Love Blue Jays by Isha Chowdhry    
  If Anyone Can, I Can by Pradeep Chowdhary    
  Impatiens by Rajender Krishan    
  Inside of a Space Rocket by Saloni Jain    
  Iris by Rajender Krishan    
  Jadoo by Nandini Chowdhary    
  Jesus Christ by Kenaz Chand    
  Juices: Gateway to Health and Beauty by Dr. Anjana Maitra    
  Landscape by Rituparna Nanda    
  Laugh Your Way to Good Health by Dr. Anjana Maitra    
  Let's Stretch by Pradeep Chowdhary    
  Liberty : Queen of Freedom by Nandini Chowdhary    
  Life in Water by Swadha Mohanty    
  Lion King by Luv Shinde    
  Lotus by Rajender Krishan    
  Lunar Eclipse by Swadha Mohanty    
  Marching Together: Hand in Hand by Rajender Krishan    
  Marigold by Rajender Krishan    
  Masks and Future by Uttam Kumar Pal    
  Mayur Rani by Swadha Mohanty    
  Mera Varat Mahan by Swadha Mohanty    
  Mermaid by Swadha Mohanty    
  Mermaid, Snake, Music by Swadha Mohanty    
  Merry Christmas by Jashan    
  Merry Christmas by Swadha Mohanty    
  Mimi The Great-1 by Santosh Mishra    
  Mimi The Great-10 by Santosh Mishra    
  Mimi The Great-11 by Santosh Mishra    
  Mimi The Great-2 by Santosh Mishra    
  Mimi The Great-3 by Santosh Mishra    
  Mimi The Great-4 by Santosh Mishra    
  Mimi The Great-5 by Santosh Mishra    
  Mimi The Great-6 by Santosh Mishra    
  Mimi The Great-7 by Santosh Mishra    
  Mimi The Great-8 by Santosh Mishra    
  Mimi The Great-9 by Santosh Mishra    
  Monkey and the Frogs by Venu Variath    
  Mother Nature: Preserve & Nurture by Swadha Mohanty    
  Mud Pot and Copper Pot by Venu Variath    
  Musical Diet by Venu Variath    
  My Name by Nandini Chowdhary    
  Our Unique Earth by Isha Jain    
  Pansy by Rajender Krishan    
  Parrot by Subhankar Sharma    
  Peace Lily by Rajender Krishan    
  Penguins by Swadha Mohanty    
  Petunias by P Rao Pulakhandam    
  Places Receiving Direct Sun Rays are Hot by Aashi Jain    
  Portrait by Jaskirat Kaur    
  Postal Stamp on Greyhound Dog by Siddharth Nanda    
  Preserve our Ozone Layer by Saloni Jain    
  Rain by Swadha Mohanty    
  Rainbow by Jiya Chowdhry    
  Raja, The Festival of Orissa by Swadha Mohanty    
  Rajasthani Women by Swadha Mohanty    
  Raju-1 by Ashok Dongre    
  Raju-10 by Ashok Dongre    
  Raju-11 by Ashok Dongre    
  Raju-12 by Ashok Dongre    
  Raju-13 by Ashok Dongre    
  Raju-14 by Ashok Dongre    
  Raju-15 by Ashok Dongre    
  Raju-16 by Ashok Dongre    
  Raju-17 by Ashok Dongre    
  Raju-18 by Ashok Dongre    
  Raju-19 by Ashok Dongre    
  Raju-2 by Ashok Dongre    
  Raju-20 by Ashok Dongre    
  Raju-21 by Ashok Dongre    
  Raju-22 by Ashok Dongre    
  Raju-23 by Ashok Dongre    
  Raju-24 by Ashok Dongre    
  Raju-25 by Ashok Dongre    
  Raju-26 by Ashok Dongre    
  Raju-27 by Ashok Dongre    
  Raju-28 by Ashok Dongre    
  Raju-29 by Ashok Dongre    
  Raju-3 by Ashok Dongre    
  Raju-30 by Ashok Dongre    
  Raju-31 by Ashok Dongre    
  Raju-32 by Ashok Dongre    
  Raju-33 by Ashok Dongre    
  Raju-34 by Ashok Dongre    
  Raju-35 by Ashok Dongre    
  Raju-36 by Ashok Dongre    
  Raju-37 by Ashok Dongre    
  Raju-38 by Ashok Dongre    
  Raju-4 by Ashok Dongre    
  Raju-5 by Ashok Dongre    
  Raju-6 by Ashok Dongre    
  Raju-7 by Ashok Dongre    
  Raju-8 by Ashok Dongre    
  Raju-9 by Ashok Dongre    
  Raksha Bandhan by Swadha Mohanty    
  Red Frangipani by P Rao Pulakhandam    
  Rocket & Astronaut by Divij Jain    
  Rose by Rajender Krishan    
  Rural India by Swadha Mohanty    
  Sad Girl by Swadha Mohanty    
  Save the Girl Child by Swadha Mohanty    
  Scenery by Swadha Mohanty    
  Snail by Swadha Mohanty    
  Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs by Kenaz Chand    
  Solar System by Parul Sharma    
  Solar System by Vishnu Jain    
  Space Station & Astronaut by Sambhav Jain    
  Sparkling Hope by Mriganka Chatterjee    
  Spirit of Freedom by Uttam Kumar Pal    
  Stop Domestic Violence by Ankita Panda    
  Sweet Home at a Nest by Swadha Mohanty    
  Tarzan by Luv Shinde    
  The Eye by Swadha Mohanty    
  The Future Smiles by Uttam Kumar Pal    
  The ill-effects of Acid Rain by Paaus Pawar    
  The Lizard by Mishika Chowdhary    
  The Nature by Swadha Mohanty    
  The Peacock by G. Jaya Harshini    
  The Ray by Swadha Mohanty    
  The Rooster's Dilemma by Venu Variath    
  The Sun and The Earth by Disha Jain    
  The Unfortunate Doe by Venu Variath    
  The Village Pond by Swadha Mohanty    
  The Way of Life by Swadha Mohanty    
  Tiger Uncle Wedding by Swadha Mohanty    
  Tortoise by Swadha Mohanty    
  Tree - My Mother by Swadha Mohanty    
  Tweety by Swadha Mohanty    
  Verbena by Rajender Krishan    
  Village by Swadha Mohanty    
  Waterfall by Anand Chowdhry    
  Waves of Sorrow by Swadha Mohanty    
  Whale Watching by Isha Chowdhry    
  What about Children's Rights! by Uttam Kumar Pal    
  Who Will Come First? by Pradeep Chowdhary    
  Widening Our Circle by Albert Einstein    
  World Cup Defeat by Swadha Mohanty    
  World is Close at Hand by Rajender Krishan    
  Yamraj by Swadha Mohanty    


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