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Saloni Jain

A Shining Star of East Delhi

Saloni, an eleven year old student of class V at Sardar Patel Vidayalaya, is full of life and loves to play like other children of her age but here starts the difference. Her zeal and enthusiasm to explore the world is truly remarkable. She has a keen desire to know almost everything and anything about the world at this exceptionally young age and the best part is that she knows how to convert her plans into action.

Saloni whose innocent face attracts everybody is very true to her name. She is a bubbly girl, courteous, soft spoken and is fun loving & celebrates all festivals, birthdays, anniversaries with equal enthusiasm, love & happiness.


Saloni has recently formed a �Creative Science Club� in her locality, Rishabh Vihar, & the club is affiliated & accredited by Vigyan Prasar, Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt. of India. �I attended a science workshop organised by Vigyan Prasar, Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of India. Nimish Kapoor, senior scientific officer suggested me to form a science club,� says Saloni. The club has fifty-eight members from nearby colonies. The purpose of the club is to spread awareness about science among the children in a fun filled way.

Theater and Dance

Saloni is good in cultural activities like dance & theatre and has participated in theatre workshop of Umang in 2005, of Sahitya Kala Parishad in 2006. She has also performed in couple of stage shows of Dance at Delhi Haat (near INA Market), a play at Shah auditorium, and a couple of stage shows at school (Sardar Patel Vidyalaya-Lodhi Estate). She also has keen interest in Indian Classical Music & she attends & pursue her classes seriously-once a week. She has completed summer theatre workshop by National School of Drama. She has qualified for the Sunday Club Part I of National School of Drama. She has completed an art & painting workshop at National Museum on Madhubani and Miniature paintings. She is very good at art & craft. The greeting cards for all birthdays, anniversaries in family & friend circle and all important occasions are prepared & sent by her.


Saloni has a bent of mind for sports & is good at swimming and basketball. She also plays football in school. She is a good entertainer & cracks lots of jokes. She can play a lot of games with children (big or, small) & friends (old or, new). She also likes to play pranks with other children. She has attended to the summer camp by Great Indian Outdoors at Jayalgarh, Kund Shivalik ranges in Uttaranchal. She has done river rafting, mountain climbing, cliff jumping, kayaking, body surfing, river crossing, raplling, valley crossing in the camp. She has learnt horse riding at Delhi Riding Club, New Delhi.


Saloni has completed all the eight levels of Aloha (mental mathematics) and received Grand Master in Mental Mathematics. Incidentally, this is the first batch to receive such certificate in India. She stood first in Northern India at State Level Aloha (mental mathematics) competition. She has won a couple of recognition certificates for English writing, Hindi writing & for recitation in her school. She is also attending to Aloha English course. She appeared for the Ashu Lekhan Pratiyogita held by Hindi academy, Govt. of Delhi. She has also participated in �Bal Bharti Nibandh Pratiyogita� on �Swadhinta ke 50 Varsh�.


Saloni has been interviewed by correspondent of Dainik Jagran and the same been published in 14th Sept. 2007 edition of City Plus. Her painting on � Preserve our Ozone Layer ï¿½ has been printed in City Plus-South Delhi Edition on 29th Sept. 2007. She has also been awarded with the prizes for the same by Dainik Jagran Group.

�Saloni is the gem of our family, my pride,� says her parents, Sharat and Rachna Jain. She has excelled in every field and is capable of performing the most difficult of tasks. Saloni wants to become a doctor and serve the needy people of the country. 

She is inquisitive & wants to learn new things from anyone (even from youngsters) without any hesitation. She is a good leader and has enough leadership skills. She is equally sensitive & careful about the feelings of others.


Inside of a Space Rocket
Preserve our Ozone Layer


Preservation of Ozone Layer
Thinking Garden

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