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Ramendra Kumar

Ramendra Kumar is an award-winning writer for children. He also dabbles in satire, poetry and fiction for adults. 20 books written by him have so far been brought out by well known names such as Rupa & Co., National Book Trust(NBT), Navneet, Children's Book Trust(CBT), Vikas Publishing House, et al.

Ramen's work has been published and reviewed in major newspapers and magazines and translated into several Indian languages as well as Spanish, Japanese, Mongolian and Sinhala. One of his stories has been included in the text book for class nine students of Norway and another fable has been adapted as Kamishibai, the traditional form of story telling in Japan. Tales penned by him have also found a place in the school text books in India as well as abroad. His stories, poems and satires have been included in several national and international anthologies including the popular ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul Series’.
Ramen is a much sought after speaker on Indian storytelling tradition and is also an inspirational speaker as well as storyteller for children.

An Engineer and an MBA, Ramen is working as Asst. General Manager, Public Relations, Rourkela Steel Plant, Orissa, India. To know more about him you can visit his website
www.ramendra.inor check him out on Wikipedia.

His email ids are and


A Complete Package
A Date with Destiny!
A Fascinating Fantasy
Ankita: A Profile in Courage
Aryan Supremacy!
Bookaroo - A Paradise in Jannat!
Cauvery: A Delightful, Delectable Book
Children's Rights Who Knows, Who Cares?
Creativity Unplugged
Daring and Different
Don't Manage Time, Enjoy It
Effective Oratory - I
Engaging and Endearing
Fun, Fantasy and Finance
Irresistible, Charming And Priceless
KISS: Keep It Simple Speaker
Monsoon Magic
Of Travels and Tales
Our Environment: What Needs to be Done?
Our Gift, Our ‘Present’: Our Environment
Pure and Pristine Magic
Shillong Calling
Should India and Pakistan Start Playing Ball?
Sporting Excellence: A Desire, A Dream, A Vision
Stress and the Indian Child
Telling Tales
The Humble Word
The Pied Piper of Mongolia
The Teen Connect
Weaving Tales for Children
Wit & ‘Wisdom’


The Cactus


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A Change of Heart
A Dream Come True
A Fable For Today
A Father and A Patriot
A True Sportsman
A Tryst with a Terrorist – 1
A Tryst with a Terrorist – 2
A Tryst with a Terrorist – 3
A Unique Bond
A Winner At Last
Aim and Shoot
As Your Thoughts, So Your Face...
By a Whisker
Chakram Falls in Love
Chamatkari Chandu
Colors of Friendship
Dear Mr. God,
Divide and Rule
Ends and Means
Fact and Fiction
Fair Play
Fairy Tale Country...
Friend in Need
From Rat To Riches
Golu the Brave
Honesty Pays
How was a Rainbow formed?
Humans First
In Pursuit Of Passion
In Search of A Dream
Internet in the Jungle
Jo Jeeta Woh Sikandar
Just a Second
Lizzy to the Rescue
Making A Difference
Match Fixing in The Jungle
Mogambo Khush Hua
My Brother
My Teacher – My Inspiration
Never Say Die
Oye Cricket, Cricket Oye!
Pride in Friendship
Puppy Mania
Real Life Hero
Sridevi Ka Anda
Tale of Twins
Taming of the Tiger
Teen Troubles
The Beast
The Betrayal
The Chess Players
The Chummy Cloud
The Complete Family
The Dilemma
The Faithful One
The Foolish Old Man of the North Mountain
The Fruits of Peace The Spoils of War
The Gandhi Within
The Losers Who Won
The Magic Turtle
The Miracle Park
The Other Saurav
The Price Tag
The Princess and the Commoner
The Promise
The Puja Spirit
The Real Champ
The Real Winner
The Roar of the Cheetah
The Sling
The Spirit of Christmas
The Spirit of Christmas – 2
The Spirit of Diwali
The Triumph
The Triumph of Truth
The True Wealth
The Tyranny of Tsunami
The Wise Kanhu
There is No King as God
Time Pass Uncle
Trauma and Triumph
Tug of War
War and Peace
Will to Win
Wisdom and Wealth

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