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I Had A Dream ...
by Ankita Panda

Everyone has a special dream close to ones heart and many keep it a secret not telling it to everyone. Some dream of getting lots of money and some dream of getting to eat variety of food. Some people dream of a big house and some of a big car. Everyone has a secret dream of meeting someone very important . I too have a very special dream which I would like to share with all. I have a very very strong desire to meet the first citizen of our country.

Yes, it is my precious dream to meet the President Dr. A. P. J. Kalam. I have heard so many things about him. Since he has become our president, I have heard people talk positive about him and with lots of respect and love and admiration. I also know that he loves children and takes special interest in them he wants to do something special for the children of India. I have visited his website and collected a lot of information about him. I have also got a lot of information about him from my parents, teachers and friends. The more I hear about him , the desire to meet him becomes more stronger and stronger.

A few days back I read a special message addressed to all the Indians by him on the internet. During his visit to Hyderabad, a girl of my age expressed her wish to stay in a developed India. The message to all of us was a reply to her and a sincere request and appeal to the citizen of India. I was so overwhelmed and it made me think about the reality when we as an individual can do so much to develop India. I sent it to the maximum number of people I knew would give it a thought. I also discussed it with my friends at school and also the teachers. We decided to start slowly at our own level to slowly contribute to our country. The new year gave us a chance to do so. We have decided to keep our apartments clean and also our school clean and teach the children younger to us to do so, as our new year resolution.

After reading the message my dream of meeting him has become more stronger. I have also sent a letter to him along with all my information, my poems and my photographs. I will remind him again and continue to write to him till I get a reply from him. I know that he is a very, very busy person so getting to meet him will be difficult.

He had also visited Bhubaneswar for two days but the I could not meet him then. I have decided to work very hard and achieve something in life and sincerely follow his teachings to the best of my ability. I have already got a prize from the CM of Orissa Mr. Naveen Patanaik, for cartoon drawing at the interschool level and he spent a full twenty precious minutes with me. I still cherish those moments. I truly feel that if I work more hard and do something good, one day God might will grant my dream to meet Dr. A. P.J. Kalam and also get a prize from him.

It’s in the human nature to go on wanting more, nobody is satisfied with what he gets. All pray to God for asking more and more and that’s what people say - give me more. So I am waiting for my dream to be fulfilled one day or the other. I am willing to work hard to achieve my goals and also pray to god help me make my dream come true. I also dream that soon India becomes one of the most powerful countries as in the president’s message. People who once go to other countries do not come back, but a time will come when the situation will change and things will be the other way round.

GOD please grant my wish and may my dream come true.

by Ankita Panda (14 Years)

"I Had A Dream"
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