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I Had A Dream ...
by Rishikesh Rath

I have been dreaming from my childhood like everyone else but I rarely discuss them with anyone. And one of those dreams that I recently saw, I’m going to share with you. And my dream goes like this :

I decided to go for a walk with my friend Praneet, in my dream. We walked and returned late at 7 o’ clock. He returned to his house and I started towards mine. When I reached a particular road that was close to my house I felt something unusual. I saw the roads were empty. Not even two minutes had elapsed when I had passed through the market and found hundreds of people there. But now suddenly everyone has vanished!

I rushed towards my house. Suddenly the street lights went off. I suspected something fishy. I started running and every street lamp I crossed went off.  As if ‘something’ was following me. I ran faster and suddenly I was pulled up into the air and there I was, hanging in mid-air!

Then from the darkness one glowing structure came towards me which looked like a female structure. A nice smell was spreading in the environment. She came to me and when I asked, “Who are you?” she replied affectionately, “I am mother nature.” Further she said, “... and I am tired with humans. Everyday you all torture me but I remain quiet. My daughter ‘ocean’ could not tolerate and she got so angry that she ordered the Indian Ocean to do something terrible. I can’t stop her now because she is my own daughter and no child can see his/ her parents to be tortured and in that case what she did was right to some extent. She couldn’t think what she had done to many innocent humans. And as a mother I can’t stop her because what she did was right as a daughter; but I have taken also the responsibility of you all and my duty is to save you all in spite of the torture inflicted upon me…”

“Pardon me ma’am but was this all that you had to say to me and I had to listen HANGING LIKE THIS!” She said “Yes, if I hadn’t hanged you like this then you would have ran away as you’re very scared of supernatural things and you and I both know this thing very nicely.” She continued, “…as I can’t stop my daughter you have to do it and I am giving you a streak of my power to stop her. Here take it!” I was just trying to say something she shouted “NO MORE QUESTIONS”.

She told me “Best of luck” . Now I had the power. I flew to south and there I saw the attack was ready to be unleashed. I rushed into the Ocean and I had no problem in breathing inside deep waters as I was the NATURE BOY empowered just for one freaky day. And I shouted, “Show yourself.”. Suddenly the fishes gathered at one place and made one face like structure. Ocean said, “Speak”. I told her what her mother told me as it was more effective than my own language. She stopped and told me to convey all humans that they must stop torturing her mother otherwise they have to pay for it. The fishes scattered and a probable Tsunami was averted. I felt I was a hero.

I returned back but still I felt as if I was controlling something. I ‘felt’ every breeze and as if I was controlling it. Next day when I went to a park, the trees appeared as if bending towards me as a gesture of respect. After all I had really done something !

– So this was my dream. But yes, in reality the Tsunami did happen. But if my dream would have been true then millions of people could have been saved. I have one more dream that dreams like this must come true and if it does then everybody must see dreams like this.

by Rishikesh Rath (14 Years)

"I Had A Dream"
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