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I Had A Dream ...
by Tamorika Mohapatra

We generally dream about those things which we want to achieve and things for which we have a strong desire. Here, by the word “Dream” I don’t mean by what we dream in our deep sleep when our eyes are closed, but that what we dream with our eyes wide open, when we are alert and aware about what is happening all around us. Yes, it’s the dream which every individual has in his or her eyes and works hard to fulfill it.

I, being a child, have also a lot of dreams to fulfill and I know with fulfillment of each dream, a new dream will arise. And my progressive actions to fulfill my successive dreams will definitely help me to achieve new heights of success.

I have always had a deep interest in water resources, space technologies, nuclear science and physics. With India’s first successful nuclear test at Pokhran and successful launching of missiles like Agni, Nag, etc and many satellites, my desire of meeting the Missile Man arose.

I had a dream to become a child scientist. I was determined that I would be able to fulfill my dream of becoming a child scientist and meet my role model, The President of India. Yes, I could fulfill my dream of meeting and interacting with The President of India, His Excellency Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam!

Now I feel extremely happy and thrilled to share my feelings of fulfilling one of my biggest and long cherished dreams so far with you.

It’s a dream come true. I had the opportunity to represent Orissa state at Guwahati to participate at the 12th National Children’s Science Congress-2004 (NCSC- 2004) as a child scientist and present my project on “Harness Water Resources for a Better Future” after having been selected at local, and state level congress. There were nearly 600 child scientists as well as many eminent scientists from all over India including Sri Lanka to participate in the prestigious event. It was the time when the dreadful Tsunami hit the coasts of India and many other countries causing loss of life and property. Dr. Kalam was to attend the function on 27th of December 2004 but owing to the natural disaster, he had to defer his programme. Hearing this news, my happiness got swept in the waves of Tsunami! Becoming a child scientist with an opportunity of meeting and interacting with the President of India is indeed a great respect and honor for any child of my age. It seemed to me, for a moment, as if all my aspirations and hard work have gone in vain.

On 31st Dec. morning, we got the heartening news that the missile man had given his consent to be present at the NCSC-2004 at 3:30 PM and address the child scientists and interact with them. My joy knew no bounds. I was so thrilled that I have no words to express it. All the child scientists had to gather at the Exhibition Ground of Guwahati. I along with my fellow child scientists waited eagerly for the arrival of Dr. Kalam. At the scheduled time, the president arrived. We all extended warm welcome to him with a huge applause of joy and thunder of clapping. He responded and encouraged us by waving his hands and smile. We all stood up and chanted the National anthem as it was played in the background. After 45 minutes of address by the CM of ASSAM, the Governor, Minister of Department of Science and Technology, Chairman of NSTSC Network- Professor Yashpal and many other invitees and delegates, it was the eagerly awaited turn of our beloved president. There was pin-drop silence at the function and I just sat quietly and listened carefully and attentively to what he said. Dr. Kalam addressed all of us as child scientists and gave us useful advice. He advised us to dream BIG and also made us to repeat with him:

“Dream… dream… dream big;
Dreaming leads to thinking;
Thinking leads to knowledge;
Knowledge leads to progressive action;
Progressive action leads to far-sighted vision;
Vision leads to mission “

He said that students had only one capital to invest and that was knowledge. More you invest better will be the success. He advised that we, being the future citizens of our nation, should be alert, aware, brave, knowledgeable and brilliant enough to shoulder our responsibilities in nation building and peace process. He made us to realize that we should try our best to work hard, gain more and more knowledge to enable us to shoulder our responsibilities for making our country a developed country. We interacted with him by asking him several questions and got many a valuable advice. During our 2 hours interaction with Dr. Kalam, I learned about many unknown facts and got valuable advice from him which will certainly help me in fulfilling my new dreams in future.

My dream also enabled me to visit science exhibition on latest trends in science and technology, interaction with eminent scientists of the country, discussion and sharing of knowledge with other child scientists, and visits to interesting sites and cultural heritage of Assam during five days long programme at Guwahati.

As Dr. Kalam said Dream Big, Work Hard, and Add Creativity and Be Innovative to What You Do, we must do the same. It is very practical and I have experienced it myself. To achieve something big for self and for the nation, we have to dream big. Bigger we dream greater will be our success. When you fulfill your dream and you say “I Had a Dream…” It Feels Great!

by Tamorika Mohapatra (15 Years)

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