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Edward Lupin’s Phobia of Sundays
by Vikram R. Rai
There lived a boy named Edward Lupin. He was a boy who was above average in studies and sometimes a star. He was hardworking but felt unusual on Sundays and he called it his unlucky day.

Almost in every Sunday of his life he had encountered some danger or the other. After some incidents he totally stopped his regular work on Sundays. Now he had something in mind for this coming Saturday. Probably it would be a plan. After an easy day at school he went to his father and said, “Why don’t we go out to visit Aunt Maria this Saturday.”

“Well, that would be a good idea and don’t forget to carry your swimming trunks because we are also going to visit the water park,” his father replied.

Edward felt very happy about it. His father was working in an oil company and was a close friend of his boss. The next two days were spent in a routine manner. On the third day (Friday) the day before the visit to his Aunt’s house he had a strange feeling that the trip is going to be postponed to Sunday and was worried because it was his unlucky day. All the pleasure deep inside him started ebbing. After playing football with his friends he came back home and had a quick shower. After his Mother finished making the food Edward called her inside his room and wanted to have a talk. He discussed about the problem regarding the possibility of postponement with his mother.

“It’s all in your father’s hands; ask him but then if he tells no then I can not take you because you know I got work on Saturdays,” his mother said. Edward was a bit disappointed. His father heard the news and told him that they will be going on Saturday. He felt very happy. They set out on Saturday. While returning they were all tired out and Edward wanted to skip one day for school. His parents agreed. He had a rest at home. In the evening he called his friend, Jack and asked him what they had done today in class.
“Today Professor Henry showed us some cool stuff about water plants in the aquarium and we are still continuing the chapter in Math. The homework is to write at least 5 pages in your book about your deadly encounters of nature and then write some notes on it or just write some thing on it. We also had some new snacks from the new canteen open at school,” Jack answered.

Edward went to school the next day. The first four periods went well. They had the break after that. In the break Edward went to the canteen with Jack. They had some snacks and went to class. The next period was Mathematics and it was the last day of the chapter. The teacher entered and told them that they will be having a test.

“Sir, but I was absent yesterday,” Edward said.

“Well, Edward you are quite good in geometry aren’t you?” the teacher questioned.

“ If it’s geometry I am ready,” Edward said.

After the test the bell rung and it was time for the last period. Professor Henry entered the class, it was science period. He was not expecting the homework from Edward. He got stars in his book for the good job. The sir told the class that the period will be spent on reading the home work to the class. They started with Jacob, the tallest of all said, “My closest encounter with nature was when the snake was just 6 inches near me on the road and I tripped but I was swift enough to escape,”

“Which snake was it?” Sir asked

“A viper,” Jacob answered.

“Mmmm… quite dangerous, well, now Tommy can you tell us your encounter?

Tommy stood up. “Well, this happened a year ago. I was walking one day in a town. My family and I decided to stay there for 3 days because we liked the hustle and bustle. I was walking home after play and then suddenly I spotted a scorpion which I was about to step on.”

“This means you got bitten?” the professor asked.

“Oh, yes but it did not affect so much and I was given medical attention immediately.

The Sir said there were only 2 minutes for the period to end. Edward had to tell his last experience before the period.

“On one Sunday I was in my uncle’s house. He had a very nice yard in which there was a lot of space to play. I and my younger brother were playing with my ball and suddenly a snake fell down from the tree on my collar, I got scared and then just threw it and screamed for help.”

The bell had rung and it was time to go home. After reaching home he had a bath and took his lunch. He had a nap and then started his homework. He finished it in 15 minutes and then he just sat down to read a book.

His father came into the room and asked him.

“Well, Aren’t you going to play outside with all your friends?”

“No, Dad I’m not feeling like playing.”

After sometime Edward got a call from the school that the next day will not be a working day but they will be taken to a picnic. Edward thought for a while because it was Sunday but still he agreed to go. He entered the bus and then he went to school. They collected all the snacks prepared to go to picnic in the same bus. The school did this every Sunday because they had heard the news from Edward’s parents that he has a mortal fear of Sunday. The school went on doing this till he lost his phobia of Sundays.

Finally Edward though to himself, “I guess Sunday is not a bad day after all.”

by Vikram R. Rai, 12 years

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