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by Rishikesh Rath

“For how long?”
“I don’t have any idea.”
“Is there any hope that the sun would glow again.”

The two sounds were coming out from somewhere I couldn’t see but I could hear them. The sun’s end is about to begin (they call it a supernova) and I am as excited as I am scared about the future, I even don’t know if we have one! The shadow of darkness has covered the whole earth. At first it was too hot in the morning around 10, but slowly the real heat was unleashed. News flashes like burning of forests, a heavy death toll of human beings and animals were common. Then the sun suddenly went dimmer and now I am hearing that there is going to be a big blast and it is going to be so powerful that the Earth will be destroyed.

It has been dark for so long that all the torches and candles were finished. Due to steep rise in temperature, electricity has ceased to function.

Now the sun looked different. Since I could see clearly the space above, I saw that sun was throwing something…. something like stones….something like burning stones, in all directions.

And the sun was ‘growing’! Growing slowly. Within a moment, one of the big fiery stones came and hit the earth, almost like a massive meteor. It had a very high speed. The ground shook in tremor and it was enough to make us loose our grip on our dear earth. People were running all around erratically without knowing where they are going, it seemed as if they have gone crazy.
I ran away and I knew where, I was going towards the play ground. Suddenly I was pushed away by the people screaming. I looked back and ………. IT WAS DISASTROUS. The sun looked blazingly huge throwing millions of fiery and big rocks towards us. Each one of them took many lives and many were run over by others. It was extremely hot, and then from the ‘infinite’ corner came a ray of light . It looked as if some help was coming for us. But it is totally foolish to say ’us’ because others ran away breathlessly except me and the dead bodies lying all around. The strange spaceship landed and some kind of creatures came out of it. They were also bipeds like us but thin and long in structure with big, black and broad eyes staring only at me. Their bodies seemed wet and I could see them because of light of the fire everywhere. They came towards me as if they all had come here only for me.

Oh! My God! Are they here to kill me? Ah! Why they would come here to kill me because even if they won’t, the blast will surely kill me. They handed over a gadget to me which had a speaker. One of them did something that really stroke my brain and then he produced a sound that was beyond my understanding. After they completed the gadget that they had given me started “Hello Rishikesh. Well, you have to come with us because there is no time left. Your earth will be over soon. And you’re the last one to walk on this earth because others are already dead. And we need to have the last human being of this earth in order to upgrade the earth created by us.” I thought that going with them would be more advantageous. So I went with them. Their ship was simply amazing, so high tech.

Let me re-gather this. I am going with the ETs (extraterrestrials) in a UFO(unidentified flying objects). The scientists couldn’t even find a UFO and look who did the UFO came to? Heh!

Well , there is a great sorrow for my mother planet earth. The aliens took a moment to understand this and again produced a sound that said-“Don’t worry, we are taking you for helping us in creating a new Earth. Don’t ask how? And for ‘why?’ the answer is your earth is the most beautiful planet in the universe we’ve ever seen and if one is destroyed another one has to be created because Earth’s destruction takes one part of the whole universe’s beauty. And we want to restore it at least as a citizen of this universe we should do our best for it. So are you with us?” I nodded my head. They all looked at me as if they could not understand, I said “Yes”.

The captain stood (he seemed like one) and ordered the computerized pilot to take them to their own planet.

And I went to their planet to expedite the processing of the new earth and we were successful. Yes it was not as beautiful as ‘my’ earth but it was more advanced in many more aspects like: the inhabitants had a longer life, high intelligence; there was no hunger, no disease, no fatigue, etc. There was a facility of artificial day and night system; the metric time system (i.e. 100secamin and 100 min a hour and 100 hours a day and 100 days a month and 10 months a year) was introduced and several other changes were made to simplify the new earth.

“Who knows even our Earth was made by some alien someday in the past?”

by Rishikesh Rath (14 Years)

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