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The Adventure Of Cobu – The Cobbler
by Anirban Dutta

There was a man named Cobu- the cobbler, who lived in an old house. He was very poor. One day he thought to go to the city to meet his father who was very sick. However, there was a problem to travel to the city since he had to cross a huge and dangerous forest, but Cobu being very brave was not scared at all of animals.

After making plan for two days he decided to go to the forest. After entering into the forest, as he moved deeper into the jungle he got frightened as he was feeling lonely and heard a lot of strange sounds which he had never heard earlier. After a few minutes as he got accustomed, he was not feeling frightened and was not scared of the loneliness. After some time Cobu saw some birds chirping and he gave them some nuts which he brought in this bag to eat during the journey. Then, he also saw Jimmy – the deer who was frightened to see Cobu. The deer ran away and he informed all the other animals except Goro the lion.

After a day long journey Cobu was feeling tired and sleepy. He took some rest in the night and started his journey early morning. He found a big mango tree in the forest and some mangoes lying below the tree. He ate a few mangoes and went to sleep under the shade of the tree. After an hour, when Cobu woke up hearing a lot of noise, he got very frightened and saw a lot of animals surrounding him. The animals were looking very strangely at Cobu as they were seeing a man in their forest after long time. Cobu found the animals were not doing any harm to him, rather, they wanted to know who he was and from where he had come.

Cobu stretched his hand to Motu - the elephant and Motu reciprocated by touching Cobu’s hand with his trunk. Cobu gave him some mangoes. Then Cobu met Jimmy, the deer, Lotu - the dog, Jumpy- the monkey, Pomy – the rabbit and Potu the squirrel. Cobu distributed all the food he had brought from home among them. The animals found Cobu very friendly and they asked Cobu if he require any help. Cobu asked them the way to city. Jumpy told Cobu that he can lead him to the city, but on the way there will be a river which is very difficult to cross. Since Cobu did not know swimming, he got frightened, but Motu told him that he can take him on is back and cross the river. Cobu heaved a sigh of relief to get such unexpected help from Motu. Cobu, then, without wasting any time climbed on the back of Motu and together they started moving further into the forest as Jumpy showed them the way. While moving inside the forest, Cobu heard the roar of a tiger and also saw two lions sleeping. At night, Cobu slept on the back of Motu and he ate some fruits which Jumpy plucked from the trees.

Next day morning, Cobu took bath in the river and crossed it with Motu. After crossing the river, Motu and Cobu found Tomy – the Horse. Cobu asked Tomy the way to the city, but Tomy told him that he delivers the mails to the nearby village and he can take him up to the village. Cobu went to the nea by village with Tomy and he met Ramdas- the post master of the village. Ramdas took him to his house and offered lunch to Cobu and after taking some rest; Ramdas took Cobu on his bicycle to the city at his father’s address.

Cobu found his father lying on this bed. He was very surprised to see Cobu and also very happy. Cobu gave medicine to his father and arranged to prepare food for him. While cooking, he narrated his father about the whole journey inside the dangerous forest.

Anirban Dutta is in Class-V, Somerville School, Noida

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