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An Island of Chocolates in the Ocean of Ice-cream
by S. Vishnu Vandana

Arun, a 6th class kid loves ice creams and chocolates as other kids do. But he does not have money to buy them. His parents have very little income and cannot afford to give him chocolates of his wish. So Arun feels depressed watching his friends enjoying with ice creams and chocolates.

There was a famous chocolate company at that time named “Woowie” which produced chocolates and ice-creams named “Woowie” with different flavors. That was the chocolate of every child’s dream. The owner of that company is an ideal person who was very fond of chocolates in his childhood. So he announced an offer for the children to visit his island of chocolates and ice-creams. One who gets a golden wafer in the chocolate gets the chance to spend a day in his island. There are 5 wafers available.

This offer not only attracted children in large numbers but also increased his business drastically. Of the 5 wafers, the daughter of the state’s governor got the 1st wafer using her fathers influence across the retail stores. Among the other 4, a businessman’s son got the 2nd one, the states biggest retail store owner’s daughter got the 3rd one and a lady working in a software company got the 4th one. The fifth wafer created a great suspense across the state and the sales doubled as the people intensified their attempts to get the last one.

Arun too wants to visit the factory but he never ate a “Woowie” chocolate in his life. His grand parents who live with him gave him some money which they saved for his birthday. Arun went to the store to get the chocolate. He selected a chocolate from the lot with lot of anxiety, opened it with tension and did not find any wafer. He gave up all his dreams about the island, kept the chocolate inside and went home. There he opened the chocolate, and to his surprise found that the wafer was on the other side of the chocolate and jumped with joy.

Arun is now all set to visit the island. The owner takes the responsibility to show the kids the entire island of chocolates and ice-creams. The island has many plants, bushes, trees, hills, volcanoes, mountains, rivers, lakes all made of chocolate. The volcanoes erupted chocolate out of it which comes down and flows all over the place forming chocolate lakes. There were trees which grew ice-creams and the kids can pluck the ice-creams and eat them.

The children forgot the world they lived in and started eating whatever they found. The plants grew cherries. There were different locations in the island. The entrance part has a chocolate lawn where there is chocolate grass all around following which is the nut lawn where there were nuts of different flavors. These were carefully blended nuts which form the major ingredient of the chocolate. The next part is an ice-cream arena where there are plants and trees bearing ice-creams. The flavor of the ice-cream is decided by the tree growers.

There was a special thing about the workers there. They were dwarfs of 1 feet tall. The owner of the factory brought them from a forest to work here. They work here because they love chocolates and believe that the owner is a God who created this wonder taste.

This island has boats made of chocolates which can board a maximum of 8 people. The children had a tour of the island on the boat. There is a river covering the entire boundary of the island. This river is formed by chocolate and there were ice creams flowing around like ice bergs in the ocean. The river has a steady flow at its entrance.

As they rode in the stream grew violent and there came a deep valley where the boat suddenly plummeted to the bottom of the valley. There lay the heart of the island. Chocolate came bubbling out of the ground and sprouted into the air. The children’s faces were covered with chocolate and they started experiencing the real chocolate flavor.

There was a lift from the bottom of the valley to the top. The children got into the lift to reach the entrance. The lift is air conditioned with ice-creams all around. The children felt the cold as the lift started moving. The lift was moving amidst the chocolate flow. It was like a lift coming up the waters of Niagara. Children got scared hearing the sounds of heavy flowing chocolate. At last they came to the entrance and the children were frozen with the cold of ice-creams.

A blower started as soon as they came out. There was a hot gush of wind which made them warm and comfortable. Finally there was a dance performance by the dwarf workers to amuse the kids. The kids started dancing with the performers. The dance lasted for an hour and the kids relaxed in chocolate beds and felt asleep.

The kids got up after a sound sleep and as they ran to eat the chocolates they found that they were in their house and realized that their day at the island was complete. But it was the day of their life and remembered it all their life with pride.

S. Vishnu Vandana is in Class 10, St. Martins High School

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An Island of Chocolates in the Ocean of Ice-cream by
Ankam Pranav
B. Pradhan Rao 
B. Praneeth Rao
D.V. Karteek

Kaashif Ahmed 
Manav P. Sirwani 
Pranav Sultani  
Ritika Rupani
S.V. Rama Teja

S. Vishnu Vandana
Sharanya Bashyam 
Shashank Kumar
Summaya Afreen

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