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An Island of Chocolates in the Ocean of Ice-cream
by Kaashif Ahmed

At last we have got our holidays!” said John, “I was waiting for them for the past two weeks.” The discussion was going on among John, Peter, Mike and Steve as we waited for our parents to pick us from school. We lived in Green Valley and had a big house with a large swimming pool. We were discussing the places to visit and finalizing the plans regarding what to do in these holidays.

We reached our home and Peter decided that we could start with a good swim in the swimming pool to beat the summer heat. Steve started looking for our favorite dog – Lucky Star. As we were preparing to swim we could hear the barking of dog and then out of the bushes emerged the Great Dane. We all enjoyed the swim and later on over lunch started to discuss the places where we could go out for an adventure outing. We were getting confused and were unable to decide the place as most of them we have already visited. John had a crazy idea and he said that we would go to “Ocean of Ice-Cream where there is an Island of Chocolates.” He had heard about this long time back but never had a chance to go.

So we finally decided and sought permission from our parents. We were allowed a vacation of 3 weeks but we never disclosed the place where we were going. We were to start the day after, which was a Sunday. With all the packing of baggage over, we were eagerly waiting for Sunday to come.

On the morning of Sunday, the first one to wake up was John followed by the other brothers. We got ready in an hour or so, had our breakfast, took our bicycles and said good-bye to our parents. All along the journey we started singing songs with excitement. It was almost a 5 hour long drive from our home. The road was not so good so it took an extra hour for us to reach there. On our way we took a break for lunch and some refreshments.

As we were near the island we noticed that the color of the ground was changing – from wheatish brown to chocolate brown. We could smell the chocolate everywhere. We were getting tempted to stop and start eating the chocolate. Finally when we reached the island we were confronted by two men who asked us to give two of our bicycles otherwise they would not allow us to go and they would kick us out. Steve who was the oldest of all said “We don’t want to argue with you, just go away.” Listening to this, one of the persons lost his temper and said “Hey, Just shut your mouth!” and moved forward to slap Steve. All of a sudden there appeared two policemen across the street, got hold of the two miscreants and asked us to go.

We looked for a cottage where we could spend the next 3 weeks. At last we found one good place which was very near to the ocean of Ice-cream. We all loved ice-cream and the idea of the ocean of ice-cream was too tempting for us.

After spending a few hours in the cottage we again came out of the house and started wandering. We started taking pictures of the beautiful scenery. Then there came the two men whom police had taken along. The men were actually looking for us and on spotting us, they started running and came closer to us. There was a small fight between us and the two men. Finally we managed to tie them up and again handed them to the police. The policemen were happy with us and they thanked us a lot.

Then the next day we decided to take a boat and visit the ocean of ice-cream. The thought of being surrounded by different flavors of ice-creams was making us more excited than ever. We asked the cottage in-charge for the shop which could rent us a boat. We took the address and started to go – the four of us and our doggie. We all got into the boat adjusted the sails and set off. The winds were cool as we were surrounded by ice-creams all around. We stopped at different flavors and ate huge quantities of ice-creams. We were moving around gleefully when we noticed another boat heading towards us. As the boat came nearer our doggie started barking loudly. Then we saw that they were the same two rowdies who were chasing us from the moment we stepped on this place.

We decided that it is high time, we must teach them a lesson. We all took our small hand-made tools which can be used to sling stones at people. We looked for small stones and we were lucky enough to find some in our boat. We all took aim and hit them all at once. They were shocked and fainted on the boat itself. We tied them up and took them to the police once again. The police were looking for them as they were big time baddies of this island. The police this time put them in jail and rewarded us. The reward was – We were to have a fully paid vacation for the entire 3 weeks. We jumped up with joy and continued our merry time for the next 3 weeks.

Kaashif Ahmed is in Class VII, Niraj Public School

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An Island of Chocolates in the Ocean of Ice-cream by
Ankam Pranav
B. Pradhan Rao 
B. Praneeth Rao
D.V. Karteek

Kaashif Ahmed 
Manav P. Sirwani 
Pranav Sultani  
Ritika Rupani
S.V. Rama Teja

S. Vishnu Vandana
Sharanya Bashyam 
Shashank Kumar
Summaya Afreen

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