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by Avni Kulshreshtha

On the day when I came back from my summer holidays after a tour of Mathura, Jaipur and Delhi, to my surprise I found my house was full of sand and dust. Everything was untidy. Mom and papa took the task of cleaning the house, even me and my sister started helping them. Papa was cleaning the windows; suddenly he saw a nest in the window. Three little baby sparrows were hiding in the small nest.

At that instant, we did not know that one among them was going to become our darling Peachi. Papa touched the first baby and he flew off in a flash. Then he touched the second one, second birdie also flew off. At last papa touched the third one very cautiously but he didn't fly at all and cuddled himself in a corner. This baby was weak and he did not know how to fly. Moreover, he was small and lacking the strength needed to fly. He was not grown up adequately. Then papa held him in his hand very softly and then gave it to me. Papa told you can keep him as a pet but when the baby bird grows and become strong enough to fly just release him to freedom. Papa then told me that if we will keep this bird in captivity it will never learn how to fly and it will not survive without his mother.

I was very sad because I love pets – mostly birds, but keeping birds in cage is crime. Even then I took the bird and decided not to keep him in cage. I named him Peachi. Initially, he did not know who I was so when I touched him first time he was feeling very scared of me, truly speaking even I was feeling nervous to touch him.

After some time he started feeling comfortable with me and I made him sleep in my hand. Then he woke up in evening and started running here and there. He becomes very agile in night and chirps loudly. I always used to keep him at my side in my bed. One morning while I was still asleep in the morning, mom asked, “Where is Peachi, I cannot find him at all?” “Where is he gone?” Me, and mom started looking for him. Then we came to know that he was stuck in my long hair! I do not know how he was stuck in my hair. The whole day I was thinking that he loves me very much and now he is my pet bird.

I love my pet bird. He is a very loving and very cute bird. Whenever he feels sleepy, he flies on my head and sleeps. Whenever I switch on the AC, he feels very happy. Peachi always feels hungry, active and sleepy. Peachi makes me happy whenever I feel sad. I want to do my best for him to be comfortable and happy. I give him soft bread & pulses. He has twinkling cute little eyes, pink little beak and a small little always wagging tail. When he feels hungry, he opens his small little beak. He loves me the most in the family.

One day Peachi fell sick, he did not eat bread and pulses. Then we knew that Peachi's stomach was full. Peachi always feels thirsty. Peachi loves mangoes very much. When we eat mangoes, he flies and land on mangoes straight away. On 1st july 2005 he started picking pulses on his own. I make Peachi sit on my hand for hours together. Peachi likes to sleep in my hand. Peachi likes to sleep in Papa's pocket too. On 29th May 2005 Peachi started flying. One day Peachi got stuck in the mattress. We started looking everywhere, and then I thought that if I will call Peachi then he will speak and then we will get him. Their are so many memories of Peachi. One day I was encouraging Peachi to fly. Suddenly he climbed to the fan’s blade. I was very worried about him, then he came back immediately to me. When he came first time in my house, he was just scared of everyone because everyone was big enough for him. After 2 or 3 days he started knowing me and my family.

Peachi likes to sit on computer's monitor. When I was in my Nani's house, I prayed for a pet. And voila I got it in such a way. Indeed, I was very happy after getting him as a pet. I know how to take care of pets and I know how to make them happy. He likes even running on the floor. Do you know that Peachi likes to play hide and seek with me and he chases me everyday. He likes black color very much. I do not know why he likes to sit on any thing, which is black.

He loves biscuits also. Do you know that when he was baby, his wings got hurt. His most favorite toy is my music keyboard. He likes to play with my ball too. I love his voice very much. His favorite sleeping places are -between papa & mom, under my legs, behind any pillow etc. Sometimes he hides & it is difficult to find him. He started chirping on 26th May 2005. He starts tickling when we put him on our head. He loves to plays with my slippers. I miss him very much in the school. Whenever I do my homework, he just sits in my lap every time. All my friends love Peachi.

Would you like to have a pet like Peachi? If yes, than be kind to animal and birds. They can also fill your life with joy with their own chirpy ways.

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awsm didi!!
megha dutta
Thanks for sharing this.
Hemant Raheja
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