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Bobo’s Invisible Acts
by Debashish Majumdar

 Papa and Mummy Ghost looked worried. They had moved their home from an ancient mansion in a remote village to an apartment in Bengaluru.

Mummy Ghost had gifted little Bobo Ghost a beautiful alarm clock. A cute tiny ghost would pop out of the clock like a cuckoo, stick out its tongue and throw its arms wide and scream: “ B…o…o…o…o!”

Bobo Ghost hated morning wake up calls. He hated attending the John Memorial Ghost High School. Bobo often bunked school pretending he had a terrible headache or a tummy ache or ‘ spook fever.’ Now spook fever is so common among primary school-going ghost kids. They feel very light and invisible. Then at the very sight of people, they shiver and shiver and shiver!

What’s worse, Bobo Ghost missed out many important spooking lessons in school.

“ Darling,” said Mummy Ghost one night,” Soon you will grow up to be a teenager ghost and be out haunting the city on your own.”

“ Mum,” replied Bobo Ghost, “ I love watching WWF on the TV. I would like to be a wrestler when I grow up.”

Papa Ghost turned to his wife,” I’m afraid he is talking like a human kid. He is turning out to be less of a ghost kid everyday.”

“ It’s all your fault,” said Mummy Ghost, “ From a spooky mansion to a fast city life … the idiot box and the computer … it’s bad influence for Bobo.”

As ill-luck would have it, the teacher picked out Bobo Ghost in class the following day.

“ Tonight is your practical class…you are going to apply the spooking lessons of the textbook Graveyard Haunting,” she exclaimed,” Be there at the ancient cemetery behind school at the stroke of midnight.”

Bobo Ghost gulped. Oh, how nervous he actually looked !

Visiting a real spooky cemetery can be a haunting experience.

A silent graveyard washed by the pale moon. Not a ghost in sight! He rubbed his eyes. Was he imagining things? He heard voices. Human voices. There were about six men, each one dressed in a black suit and black shoes. They were standing next to an empty pit. They were lowering a coffin. Or were they? Bobo Ghost inched closer.

“ These guys must be crooks,” he spoke to himself,” I can become an invisible detective.”

He was sure the ‘saddest’ man donned a false beard. Bobo swung into action. He tugged at the white tuft upon his chin.

“ Oooow!” cried out the gentleman, “ A Gh...ghost! He is pulling at my smart, old beard.”

The six men scampered away as fast as they could.

Bobo Ghost grinned impishly. He was sure there was treasure inside the coffin.

“ I’ll be richly rewarded for being a hero,” he chuckled to himself.

At the crack of dawn, his teacher appeared.

Bobo triumphantly wheezed to her the night’s adventure. She raised the lid of the coffin and lo!…inside there lay no treasures but a dead old woman!

“ That was very shameful of you,” scolded his Master ,” You have been fooling with your lessons. Now see, you have scared away the poor mourners.”

“ How stupid of me!” Bobo Ghost whispered.

One warm summer night, Papa and Mummy Ghost decided to haunt a get-
together arranged by the Fearless Wives Association of Bengaluru.

Mummy Ghost kissed Bobo goodnight.

Bobo Ghost had to complete his homework first. How he hated doing Math sums, especially invisible addition and HCFs ( Haunting Common Factors).

As soon as the kids of the apartment -- their mum, dad and dog Sandy had entered their bedrooms, Bobo Ghost slipped into the fridge and decided to cool down. It was like paradise. He snoozed off. When he woke up at the dead of night, Math book in hand, the fridge jerked and rocked like a cradle. It took off the ground like Alladin’s magic carpet. Bobo Ghost froze in fear. He slowly pushed the fridge door open. He discovered three pairs of chocolate brown hands on the fridge.

“ Gh…ghosts fr…from another planet!” he gulped. He closed his eyes shut. Then he shrieked out a loud :

“ B…o…o…o…o…o…o…o!”

The fridge landed upon the floor with a thud. Bobo Ghost leapt out. The room was filled with loud drawn-out shouts of Bhoot! Bhoot!

There was a shuffle of escaping feet. Three figures lay upon the floor in a tangled heap.

The flat owner’s family now woke up raising an alarm.

“ Help! Burglars! Help!” they screamed out in a choir.

Bobo Ghost’s startling act spread like jungle fire. A photographer from the Ghost Times landed up. He clicked a shaken, shivering Bobo. The next day Bobo was so excited that he flipped through the pages of the newspaper.

“ Look, Mum!” he exclaimed, “ My photograph…ugh…um.”

Believe me, just a white oval shadow and Bobo Ghost’s name printed below.

“ Mum,” said Bobo tearfully, “ That blob can belong to anyone. Why me?”

Bobo felt very sad for being a ghost.

“ Sometimes we do great things for others but our deeds remain invisible to the world,” cheered up Papa Ghost.

Mummy Ghost kissed Bobo on his smoky cheeks.

“ We all make mistakes too,” added Mummy Ghost,” They help us to learn as we grow.”

“I’ll do good deeds and remain invisible,” spoke Bobo Ghost triumphantly ,” like Superman!”

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