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Who Are Superior: Boys or Girls?
by Sunitichandra Mishra
The Cyber Friend Dialog

Hello Friends!

I am Sunit, your Cyber friend. But what I am doing here? I am here to talk with you some simple things of life, our manners and attitudes that make us a perfect human being. Let’s pick up a topic every month and exchange our views on it. Isn’t it a nice idea? For example, lets talk this month on :

Equality of Boys and Girls 

Once a journalist asked a child a simple question: "Whom do you love more, your mother or your father?" The child remained silent for long. He could not answer. If someone asks me the same question, do you know what is going to be my answer?

I think I will say the same thing that you want to say. Mother and father both play a distinctive role in our life. Men and women are both created by God. Boys and girls are both equal. But why many people still discriminate between boys and girls? Why in many places, girls are given secondary attention?

Why this attitude?

I think, some people say that women or girls are inferior because:

  • They are physically weaker than men.

  • They do not make wise decisions.

  • They are very kind, compassionate, tender-hearted and so they can't play prime role in social services.

Friends, do you think these arguments are valid?

Many girls and women have proved to be very successful in sports, space science, police service, etc. How can we say that they are physically weak? And even if we agree that most women are physically weaker than men, a new question arises: today, do we measure the power of a society or a nation just by physical strength? I think, today physical strength is not as important as mental strength and women and girls have proved that they possess more powerful mental qualities than men. Love, patience, sacrifice, forgiveness, selflessness, sense of service, diligence, and kindness are some of these mental qualities which girls and women possess in plenty and today the world is much more in need of these virtues than mere physical strength.

I think, it is also wrong to say that women do not make wise decisions. In many parts of the world, women are now holding important social and political positions and they are quite successful at their jobs. In fact, women hold many key posts at the United Nations. Even if we forget these prominent women, just see our own mother. How nicely she manages all the affairs of the family! How wisely she tackles difficult situations! How lovingly she settles disputes in the family! How actively she helps us all in our daily chores! How soothing are her words when we are utterly disappointed! Is there any child who can say "My mother is not wise"?

Boys and girls have not come from different planets. There are some types of work that boys can perhaps do better and there are other types of work that girls can perform better than boys. But this is only a functional difference. Let's think beyond narrow mind-sets and accept the equality of boys and girls.

I hope you agree with me, my dear friends! If you have anything to say, ask any question or put up your comments on this article, please write to me soon at I will surely respond to your letter.     

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