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Bollywood Dreams
by Mendha R Tashi

"I feel terrible "said Ally who had just woken up from her deep slumber.

The sun shone so brightly as if it had a big fight with someone. Ally did not feel like getting up but, since she had to, she got up. She ran down the stairs and ate a finger licking breakfast. Suddenly, Ally heard a loud voice. It was her sister Brianna, she was dressed like as if she was carrying a shop. Ally started snickering but could not hold it longer and burst into a crazy laughter. Her sister Brianna said "You are just jealous because I am way more cuter than you are." Ally made a face and went up to change. Just then she remembered to take her science project. It had not turn out well.  Anyways she rushed to school.

Her friend Laura waiting for her. As soon as Ally hugged Laura  Ally felt like she touched a feather. She was as fair as snow and smelt liked fresh farm strawberries. Her hair flowing like a stream down her back. They both went in their classroom. Suddenly Miss Jane called Ally and scolded her for not doing her project well. She headed back to the class room. Laura asked Ally what had happened. Ally replied droopingly said 'when I had been practising jive I had kicked it through the window.'

Ally and Laura went down to the ground for recess.

Suddenly Ally saw Shay running with a poster in her hand. She excitedly said 'It is going to be awesome. Shay gave the poster in Laura's hand and ran away. The poster said that there was a Bollywood dancing competition in town. Laura freaked out and started screaming since she had always wanted to do Bollywood dancing. Ally was busy thinking that her mother would not let her go to the dance studio because she used to think that her grades were falling. Just then the bell rang and interrupted her thoughts.

She went home and her mother was waiting at the door for her. She was very angry at Ally for getting such bad marks at her science project. She gave Ally a good scolding and sent her to bed.

That night Ally couldn't sleep a wink. So she opened her jewellery box which had a key to wind it up so that the dancers would moved. She kept listening to the song and fell asleep. The next morning she said sorry to her mother.

Ally kept on sitting on her bed when suddenly Brianna peeked into the room and asked Ally if she could borrow one of her necklaces. Ally says yes when she gets a call saying that Laura's cousins had come from India and they desperately wanted to meet Ally. Ally said a triumphant yes and went to Laura's house. As soon as Laura opened the door, two small Chubby little sweet scented kids came to the door and waved at Ally. They played until it was pitch dark .

Laura's mother drove Ally to her house. She said goodbye and immediately dozed off to sleep as soon so her head hit the pillow.

The next morning Ally's mother was talking to somebody on the phone. She told Ally that they were going to India so that they could learn Bollywood dancing from Laura's aunts friend. Her name was Padma. The next week their flight landed in the bustling city of Mumbai. It was a crowded and a noisy city. The next day Miss Padma introduced them to the Bollywood dancing. They were doing it for the first time. It was  pretty tough but they really put their heart and soul. They then went for shopping to buy salwars for them. Then even for a city tour and tried the street foods too. The time finally came to leave. With all the heavy hearts at the same time happy since they had learned so many steps of Bollywood dancing. Day and night they both worked hard till the last day of the audition. Luella a girl who had participated  was peeking through the studio window where Ally and Laura were practising. Ally thought she was going to steal the dance routine so they changed the name list. They both won the first price and got treated for an ice cream. They will never forget India and their memories made there.

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