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Use of Accutane. Different systems of medicines
by Aahana Banker
Dr. Albert M. Kligman, Dermatologist

My story on the fight against acne started very early. A typical method of using Accutane involves taking the drug at a dosage of 0.5 to 1 mg / kg of body weight per day. With genes, in addition to fullness, I got oily skin, which, together with adolescence, gave considerable fruits. In short, I am with acne all my adult life, they are part of me, my daily companions. From this post begins my story of the struggle, which has already yielded results - today part of my attitude and feelings, as well as about doctors and clinics.

The biggest war with acne unfolded recently, just 2.5 months ago, when I went to the center of medical cosmetology.

I call my acne "imperfections of the skin," but today and in subsequent posts about the struggle, I will call them acne, which is too much. I can not say that I hate them, for so many years I have simply become like them, they are part of me - and this is an occasion to calm my nerves. Yes, I do not like them, and life would be more beautiful without them, but for the time being I did not run to the doctors. She tried to decide for herself, but for the most part she hoped for a chance and for what would eventually pass.

Nuance is that I have as much time as pimples, problems with hormones. And, of course, they are the main source of my troubles. I started treatment with hormonal pills several times under the supervision of a gynecologist - hormones eventually returned to normal, the skin was getting better, but it was never perfect. Then I realized that to the gynecologist I need Accutane. Already at that time I mastered the Internet, and began to appear reviews of doctors. To my great regret, I came to the conclusion that there is either a tick doctor whose goal is to suck up as much money as possible from an unfortunate acne patient, or a mystery doctor, whom everyone hides and does not share his contacts, because this patient himself will not get to him again because of the queue.

Although my hands dropped in an attempt to find a doctor via the Internet, but my legs did their job. I visited several consultations. The penultimate was in one steep clinic in the center, the leading cosmetologist wrote me a whole list of procedures, drugs. I came home and for the hundredth time said goodbye to my potential healthy skin.

I went to the local clinic, which was not far from the house. Another cosmetician told me that if I do not give up on foundation, powder and other cosmetics, she will not treat me.

This equates to a maximum daily dose of 100 mg for a human with a weight of 220 pounds. Very severe cases in adults (scars on the skin) may require an increase in dosage in the future, reaching 2 mg / kg / day. The daily dose is divided into two equal doses, applied at a separate time of day. Roche very clearly states this, saying that safety of reception once a day has not been proven and, therefore, is not recommended. Accutane should be taken with food, and not on an empty stomach, as food significantly contributes to the absorption of the drug (dishes with a high fat content most strongly affect the bioavailability of the drug). One course of therapy lasting 15-20 weeks is usually sufficient to improve or at least help to monitor the patient's condition. If necessary, however, the doctor may prescribe a second course of therapy. After the first course of therapy, at least 2 months must pass. Among athletes and bodybuilders taking the drug without the supervision of a doctor, doses are often reduced compared to standard medical prescriptions. This is done to minimize the likelihood of harm to health or other undesirable side effects, often associated with the use of the drug. In many cases, a dose of 10-20 mg per day is used for this purpose. The course of admission is often much shorter than the recommended 15-20 weeks, and usually is only 6-8 weeks. Many athletes who use steroids are prone to acne, however, apply no more than one course of therapy per year. It is not known about any potential health risks when taking isotretinoin in low doses, for a longer period of time.

Further in my life came a blog in which I "work face", and I had hours to cover up the editor with pimples. Over time, I began to buy cosmetics better, and brands sent good products that made my skin acceptable. But better - this is a very subjective concept: it's better than a month ago, but still I was scared to look at myself. The most excellent periods are 2-3 quarter of the cycle, when the hormones are more or less normal, and the skin heals after 4 and 1 fourth of the cycle. I photographed my face in good periods, so that I was not ashamed.

At the end of this summer, I went once again to a gynecologist with complaints about pimples in the cheeks, chin, neck, back and shoulders. This time the sun and the sea did not help me so much. After the next delivery of tests, for the first time I heard that the main hormones are normal, but those that affect acne in the above places are not right, but I can score on them and enjoy the rest of the norm!

The questions were on the topic of general health, work of the gastrointestinal tract, stress, taken pills and cosmetics. I answered everything, from which she formed her recommendations. But aside from her questions, there were mine, and those who know me personally. I asked a million questions, which she answered with iron restraint and calmness, and very often there was a kind smile on her face that told me "everything is ok". As a result, we talked for more than an hour, and from the clinic I flew on the wings. The doctor was able to give me the most important thing - Accutane the hope of success! Read more at

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