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The Super Detectives
by Suma

Once upon a time in a village there lived a boy called Raj. His friends Rama, Sham, Bheem and Chutki. They called themselves as super detectives. They did it for fun. They would solve mysterious cases but would not demand money from anyone.

One day they were going to school together. As it was a village there were no transport facilities. They had to walk about 5 kms daily to reach the school. It was not boring for them as they chatted with themselves all the way to school. As they had walked a little distance a man came shouting that his cattle were lost and he wanted to find the thief. Raj discussed with his friends and they decided that they will take this case. Raj went up to the man and said we will find the thief who has stolen your cattle, don’t worry. The man knew that they were detectives. But he said I don’t have any money to pay you. Raj replied we will not demand money from anyone. We will do it for free. The man was happy.

Raj said we will come here afternoon and catch the thief. The man replied. By that time they would have escaped. Please do it right now. Chutki shouted we have school, we can’t come now. The man pleaded with them. So Raj convinced his friends. He said we have to help the man. It’s okay if we do not attend school one day. Sham said what if our parents find out? Raj replied I will manage it. Now let’s go. So all his friends agreed to go with him.
They came to a small shed where the cows were kept. The man informed them that he had five cows . The self-called detectives searched the whole shed but could not find anything. Suddenly Bheem noticed the footprints of the cows. He shouted come here I have noticed the foot prints of the cows. All rushed to the spot. In their eagerness to the see the foot prints Sham and Rama fell down. The footprints were erased. Bheem was angry. He started quarrelling with them. Raj lifted them and tied to their legs a small piece of cloth which had been in his school bag. Then he said to Bheem don’t be angry. Only little is erased. If we follow in the same direction we will surely get the foot prints. Bheem was convinced.

Then they went in the same direction. They got to see the footprints. They followed it and came to a forest . They noticed some dead cows. They were sure that it was the man’s cows. But one question remind in their minds – who could have killed them? It was as is a wild animal had devoured them. They took pity for the owner.
They returned to the village and informed the owner about the incident. He was sad. But he offered them Rs 10 each for their hard work. They declined the money. Sham said we don’t need money. But the man insisted. So they accepted the money. Then they took leave of him. They were sad about the incident. But they were equally happy that their hard work had paid off. They went back to their school. After about one hour they reached the school premises. They went to their class.

The teacher asked them where they were until then. They told her of the incident. The teacher was happy that her students had served a good cause. The next day a fair was organized in the village. The friends went to the fair and spent their prize money on all delicacies and games. They went round in giant wheel and played many other games from now they decided that they will charge their customers a small amount ….

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Very good
nice story!
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