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Summertime in Cape Cod
by Anushka Ravindran

Cape Cod was a special place for Rachel Walker. She had been on many vacations before, but stepping outside and playing with her friend on the beach near the salty water was something new and exciting. Rachel and her best friend Sophie were both ten years old. Rachel and her mother had blonde hair, while Dad wore glasses tucked under his dark brown hair. Sophie had wavy red hair and usually left it open while Rachel tied hers in a knot or pony. Both were only children and their parents were friends, too. They had planned this awesome vacation and booked 2 big townhouses in the Red Jacket Inn. Rachel had just woken up. As she checked the time, she heard someone knocking on the door. “8:00 am? It must be Sophie.” She said grinning. Running to the door, she gave Rachel a signal to sit down with her toothbrush still in her mouth. Today, both of them were as excited as ever. All six of them were going to go boating in the big lake and in the evening to Provincetown to have a big dinner!
“C’mon! Let’s go Rachel. My Mom and dad are booking a boat and they want to check with your parents.” Sophie walked in looking for Mr. and Mrs. Walker. Dad was watching TV and Mom was making breakfast. “Mom and Dad? Can you help Sophie’s parents book the boat?” Both of them ran outside with Mr. and Mrs. Walker following them. All of them ate breakfast at Rachel’s house – buttered toast, oatmeal, milk and tea. Then, after Sophie and Rachel had finished one round of Clue, they all got into the car and drove to their first vacation spot. Aah. Rachel felt relaxed after getting on the private boat and sitting on the clean bench. She scooted over as Sophie approached. “Here, I’ll help,” said Rachel holding out her hand. Sophie loved the nice boat and whispered in Rachel’s ear, “I’m glad we’re in a fast one and not one of those sightseeing slow boats.” Rachel smiled, “Me, too.” As the salty and dense air filled their noses, the boat started rocking slowly as it sailed off. Rachel was secretly glad that it wasn’t getting fast right away. The wind whistled in her ears. “Let’s feel the water while we’re still slow.” The two girls dipped their small fingers into the warm water as the speed increased. “Not too cold at all!” Sophie exclaimed.In the distance, Rachel could see sea creatures jumping up together. “Dolphins!” She called out, giving everybody a start. “OH, Cool!” Sophie raised her head to look closer. Sophie’s mom pulled out the camera and took pictures of everything she saw. Rachel’s mom told her, “Zoom in, and try to take the whole school of ‘em in one shot.” Sophie and Rachel giggled. The boat started going faster. “Whoa!” said Sophie laughing. Her mom put the camera back in its case. As they turned around to get back to the car, the dolphins jumped back in the water causing a big wet splash! This had been Rachel’s favorite day in Cape Cod. At the restaurant, Sophie and Rachel ordered something special. A big fat Massachusetts lobster and slow churned ice cream. A Cape Cod delicacy!
The next morning, Rachel ran over to Sophie’s room and knocked. Sophie was all ready for today’s beach and pool plan with her swimsuit on and her towel robe wrapped around. Rachel wore her blue swimsuit and then put her skirt and top on. Both of them carried goggles. “Mom! Rachel’s here. Let’s go over for breakfast,” said Sophie. Her mother came out of the kitchen and said, “I’m going. Dad’s over there watching TV.” The girls went and called Sophie’s dad. I was watching the match, but anyway, let’s go!”
After breakfast, the girls played their usual round of Clue. Sophie won this time.“Which means you have to jump in first!” joked Sophie playfully. The big rectangular pool was deep and cold.As Rachel jumped in, she shivered and started wiggling around for warmth. “It’s pretty cold. Since both of us know how to swim can we go to the deep part, Daddy?” Rachel pleaded. “Well, the deep part is 15 feet and you guys are 4’8 and 4’9. “Oh, okay. Come on Sophie!”Sophie jumped in and they both splashed each other. “That was fun,” said Sophie after a while, “DO you want to race one time and then get out?” Both of us pushed off the wall and threw our arms out of the water breathing every three or four arm actions. Rachel won by a second. Both of the mothers held out the towels and scrubbed the girls dry. “Quick, before you catch a cold, let’s go to our rooms!”Both of them took a shower and washed their hair.
Rachel’d had so much fun with her family and best friend. But this wasn’t everything Cape Cod had to offer! There was so much Rachel and Sophie hadn’t seen yet. Both friends linked arms and guessed what else was in Cape Cod. But they would only find out on their trip next summer!

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