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Mobile Phones A Boon or A Curse for Mankind?
by Dr. Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy

At present there are 288 million mobile phone users and more than two lakhs towers exists in India. Mobile phones are responsible for a wide variety of health hazards. We would try to analyze the health hazards of electromagnetic radiation exposure, thermal and non-thermal effects.

Radio waves are like an electromagnetic radiation, like X-rays, gamma rays or visible rays; they form a part of electromagnetic spectrum. There are two components electric and a magnetic which travel in the same direction together but in planes perpendicular to each other. The human body absorbs radio frequency energy.

Small amount of electric current are generated in the human body, due to biochemical activities, in digestive track, brain, nerve impulse and cardiac activities.

Thermal Effects

Exposure to high radio frequency levels there occur tissue damage as the human body can’t dissipate heat. The testes and eyes are venerable to the thermal effects of radio frequency waves of mobile phones.

Non-Thermal Effects

Neurological: Risk of brain tumors due to exposure for longer periods, daily exposure.
Non-Specific symptoms: Dermatological, neurasthenia, vegetative symptoms.
Psychiatric problems: User imagine that the phone is ringing. (ringxity), sleep problems,
                                    memory impairment, and other psychiatric conditions.
Cardiovascular: Interference with cardiac pace makers.
Endocrine: Gonadal, adrenal, pituitary hormones and growth hormone effect.
Reproductive: Damage to DNA and low sperm count due to radiation.

Effects of mobile phone base transmitters on human being, small birds, animals, green coconut and ecology are going to be the future hazards of the mobile phone culture.


We do not know yet the long term effects of this relatively new technology.
Use mobiles as little as possible.
Use land phones for longer conversations (lovers)
Use wave guard.
Be careful while you are driving.
Give your self a rest day a week, on the use of mobile phones.
Do not allow Transmitting towers to be fixed on you house top for few thousands of rupees, you are asking for genetic problems in your next generation.

Instead of thousands of towers, government and Supreme Court norms must be followed by all mobile phone companies.

There are advantages and disadvantages for each new technology; it depends on how we use it. From small time to big time thieves, terrorists to match fixing, doctors to patients, police to politicians every one is benefited but like any good thing it has a price for the man kind, any thing of too much becomes a nuisance, so lets use this technology in such a way that the harmful effects are minimized.

The Government of India has proposed a multi-centric study involving four thousand participants over five year’s period to find out the health hazards of radio frequency radiation. Hope we will be in a better position to know the side effects of mobile phones on human life after the study reports are made public. Hold your breath! This may not be!   

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It is nice essay but it can used in favour of radio not for Mobile phone
Pragya soni
it's not much helpful
parth maheshwari
I think you should add that material which is gonna asked...not like this one
just good for students...........really helpful yar;;;;;;;;;;\\\\\\\\\\
nice but not very nice
It's an ok one!
Never mind
It's quite impressive
Good but it is only about curse
theres nothing about its uses man !!! just a stupid paragraph
its only about the radiations created by the mobile phone ..........
dnt deviate from your topic
i am thinking it willbe a nice essay and it can help me in my comptetion
this is a good one
how does this have any connection with mobile phones being a blessing or a curse!!!?????its ol bout stupid radio waves man!!!
its all about radio
It's mostly about radio not mobile
prajkta mhatre
I want an essay on mobile is boon or curse not on radio ~~~~~~~
maximum in it ,it is about radios
radhika singhania
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