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The Proud King of Dharampur
by Ananya Prasad
The King of Dharampur was a good man. His son Rang Pratap was lazy, way-ward and very proud of his father’s wealth and position. After the sudden death of the good king Rang Pratap became the king. King Rang Pratap was always surrounded by those who wanted to please him. He liked their praise. He always lived a life of pomp and show. He never behaved as a responsible king. He ignored his duties as a king. 
People were unhappy in Dharampur. Their life was not safe. The kings of the other kingdoms attacked Dharmpur and disturbed its people. Their soldiers often looted them. The British soldiers also did the same. King Rang Pratap did not care for his kingdom and his people. He was always with his friends enjoying life. Once an old man went to him and complained, the king ordered the chief minister to punish the old man. The old man was beaten by the soldiers of the king. People were afraid of him. They hated him. They called him a bad king. Some people who liked his father, the old good king,  were worried about the kingdom.
One day King Rang Pratap was sitting on a swing. At that time the chief minister came with a bad news. The chief minister was the friend of his father. He wanted to tell him about the reality in his kingdom. He told him that people were unhappy. After hearing this the king became very angry. He drew his sword and killed the chief minister. The chief minister was liked by all because of his wisdom, honesty and bravery. The people were very sad. The king’s servants wanted to stop the king  but they were afraid of him. 
King Rang Pratap was blessed with a son but there was no change in his behavior He grew in age. His kingdom was disorganized. There was disorder everywhere. . He had no love for his son. But his son liked him, liked his shining clothes. One day when the king went into the room where he kept all his wealth the son also walked  into the room. The king did not see him coming after him. When the king saw his son touching the gold coins he was surprised and became mad with anger.   Having heard her child’s cries the queen came running into the room. She told the king to control his anger. At this the king became furious  and ordered his wife and his son to go out of his palace. 
The queen went out with her son and stayed in a temple. The son was not well. After a few days she went away to an unknown place. She gave her son a new name. She called him Asphatik. As the time passed Asphatik grew up as a handsome young man. He was also very kind and brave. Some faithful people of the kingdom were searching for the son of king Rang Pratap. They came to know that Asphatic was his son. They planned to make him the king. The army of the neighbouring king invaded the kingdom. King Rang Pratap had become old. He could not bear the pressure. He suffered paralytic attack and later he became blind. This was the right time to make Asphatic the king. Asphatic led his army and fought bravely. He defeated the army of the enemy king. The old people Dharampur remembered the days of his grandfather.
Rang Pratap was kept in a room.  He could not see. He could not walk. But he was not alone; he was always in the company of his past deeds. Whenever he saw Asphatic he tried to say something but he could not speak. His pride, his arrogance and his love of wealth brought his destruction.
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