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So What, It’s Just a Revolution, Right
by Anahita Joshi
Wrong! It is the most interesting thing you could learn about. Oh, I didn’t even tell you what I was talking about. Well a few 10,000 years ago there was a time period after the latest ice age called the Neolithic Revolution. It was the switch from being nomads and running around chasing food and moving from place to place to being civil. It was the time grow plants and harvest and also domesticate the animals to be of use for us greedy humans.
So long story short The Ice Age had ended and people were now also looking for food that had disappeared during the harsh weather the Ice Age had brought. Now people were starving to death. Gradually over time humans had stumbled over a field with wheat, now what were they going to do with a field with grains, you’re thinking most probably so what. Well after some time they started understanding that they could harvest the wheat. Which would come in handy to make bread and other types of edible things. Now to make this happen they would need to settle down and make tools to help them.

The first innovative tool that people made and agreed to make use off was the sickle.
I know that after they had all this food they had a surplus amount which they needed to store. “For every three weeks of harvesting one person could feed a family of 4 people for a year.” Said the narrator of the Stories from the Stone Age video. Wouldn’t you like to work for three weeks per year?

Wrong again.

All this Excess growth of grains made the land go through the process of desertification and turned everything into sand. “Biologists and archeologists read the signs of land abuse and growing desert in the Middle East dating back to the very earliest years of agriculture 12,000 years ago during the Neolithic Revolution.” Said the author of an article about desertification.
Even after all the food, the meals they had were not exactly balanced. They needed meat since that was what made a healthy meal. So when animals came close to where they lived they would kill a lot of the animals and keep the extra stored. But they realized after a while these animals went to waste. They decided to kill some and keep some. They tamed the animals to be a benefit for the humans. So they ended up with having animals with them too.
Gradually over time civilizations started, with culture and government. The governments had a patriarchal in charge of the villages or societies. One of the societies was called Rusol. We know that the Rusolians had culture since archeologists have found excavations in the ground. The excavations they dug up had skeletons which were in a special cave. Since there were these civilizations there were also different jobs which made you more superior than other people. So all people were stratified into different classes. Like people who were the merchants and traded most of the goods their villages made they were top class.
So that is somewhat how people are living today. Some people still have more power than others. We are still ruining our soil and making things into deserts. So now do you really think that how you’re living today is awesome?
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vry good, aapko dadaji ki knowldge bhi mili hai,enrich it,BEST OF LUCK.
Very well written and explained...
Congratulation. Keep it up and have a long way to go.
Haresh Kumar
Wonderfully written,in an easy flowing language! Great Annie.
Sunita bua
Such a good writing. You should tell your other friends in the class also to write. More the merrier.
Pawan Kumar
Fantastic Annie!! A very well-written piece. Keep it up!
Radha Joshi
great job !!
ankush b
I am a proud granpa today! Anahita is my grand daughter and I am really happy (very happy) to see her story published here.
Keep it up Anahita, you have a way to go.
V.K. Joshi
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