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The Adventures of the Hamsters
by Aryan Java Williams

Chapter 1 : The Mystery of the Two Men, the Noise

One day a family of hamsters emerged from the ground below. There were fifteen brothers and sisters. Now this hamster family liked to play musical instruments. One hamster liked to play the piano. The second hamster liked to play the guitar. The third hamster liked to play the drums. The fourth hamster liked to play the violin. The fifth hamster liked to play the trumpet.  Sometimes they switched instruments because every hamster was good at playing every other instrument. As you might have realized the country was America.

One night the hamsters heard a rattling sound and footsteps heading for their burrow. Finally the sound came to an end but then it started all over again. The hamsters thought what was making the rattling sound. One hamster suggested that the sound came from pots and pans. The second hamster suggested it was metal shoes scraping the ground that were making the noise. It is difficult for the author to tell the reader about every hamster’s response but every hamster suggested different reasons for the noise.

Then finally one hamster said bravely, “I’ll go up and see what the noise is all about. It could be men out to steal our winter grain.”
So he gingerly climbed up the burrow and peeped out of the hole and then he saw what it was.

Chapter 2 : The Brave Hamster

There were two men. One man held a pot with his left hand and the other one held a pan in his right hand. The first hamster was right. Certainly these were men. The first man was thin and looked scary. The second also looked scary but he was a little bit different. The brave hamster thought that he had seen these men at the police office reporting something. But the hamster didn’t know if he had really saw them or not. The hamster quickly ran back into his burrow to tell other hamsters that this was a mysterious thing that was happening. He hoped the hamsters would be safe.
Chapter 3 : The Robbers

The whole family went creeping out of the hole as quiet as they could. They tiptoed slowly down the road and finally came to the hamster police office. The hamsters immediately started talking at the same time and soooooooo loudly that the hamster police officer blew his whistle soooo loudly that every hamster stopped talking at once. The police officer asked the quietest hamster to start speaking. This was the brave hamster that in the last chapter went out to check what the rattling noise was about.

‘Lucky me,’ thought the brave hamster.
“Yes sir!” said the brave hamster and stood up to bow to the hamster police officer.

Everybody didn’t dare to say a word while the brave hamster was talking. He described the two men and how they were making the rattling noise. By way of describing he said things like ‘the first man I saw was thin brown haired and had a scary look on his face… for the second man was scary looking and he also looked a little different … and a little plump …and had black hair and he also said that… I think I have seen those men in the human police office reporting something but I am not sure…”

The hamster police officer closed his eyes and thought for a moment.

Then he opened his eyes and said, “Tell me where the men are?

The hamsters showed him the men. He slapped his knee the moment he saw the two men. This made every one jump.

The hamster police officer said in a rather small voice that these were the most famous robbers in America.

He said, “I have to tell the human police officer about this. These two men are most dangerous and mysterious.”

Chapter 4 : The Robbers Get Caught by the Human Policeman

The hamster family watched the hamster police officer dial the number of the human police officer. The number was “I 27627.”

“That’s a strange number,” said one hamster.

The second hamster said, “This is America, that’s why…”

The police officer talked and talked to the human police officer. The first word gave him a big start.
Finally the hamster police officer had to say bye to the human police officer.

The hamster police officer nodded his head and said “The police man has caught those two robbers.”

Everybody was happy that the robbers were caught. And the police officer dropped them home. They all said goodbye to the police officer and thanked him a lot for that day.

The hamster police officer replied, “It is a pleasure doing that.”

They all said goodbye and they were jolly sorry that the evening had ended. The hamster police officer said, “Come to my office or my house any time you want.

You too, you can come to our house anytime you want,” called back the hamster family. I am pretty sure the hamsters will have another adventure in the next book. Don’t you?

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Very good story Aryan! I enjoyed reading that.
Max Harris
Dear Aryan,
What an absorbing story! I really enjoyed reading it. Keep up the good work.
Rajesh Williams
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