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The Adventure of Semore’s Family
by Aryan Java Williams

Once upon a time there was a mouse called Semore. Now Semore had 17 brothers and 16 sisters. That’s a pretty big family, you would say! One day Semore’s family drove to a Magic Town. The magic town was filled with people. While the big family was walking in the little town they saw a restaurant, a very big one. OMG! The tables were filled with all kinds of food.

There were pumpkin pies, pop cakes, cheese pizzas, corn soup, and magic goodies of course. There was a funny little man at the counter.

“Please sit and enjoy..!” said the funny little man. 

And before he could complete his sentence, viola! Whatever Semore imagined he wanted to order, magically appeared on the table. The family was surprised at what they got. As they were about to sit the funny man said again, “Please sit down!” 

Then they sat down and ate. When their meal was over they said thank you to the man at the counter and they went out of the magic restaurant. 

They soon decided to go for a walk in the park. As they walked in the park they saw a man selling ice cream.

“Can we have 34 chocolate ice-cream comes, please!” said one of Semore’s brothers.

And viola the 34 chocolate ice-cream cones magically appeared right into their hands. The good thing about the ice-cream was that no matter how much they ate the ice-cream it would not disappear. 

Another man was selling magic lollypops. You could suck and suck at these lollypops but they didn’t become small.

“OMG! These are really magical lollypops,’ said Semore.

Now they were tired as they had done many things during the day. So they stopped at the Sweet Bowl. There they drank a cup of milk coffee. It was the greatest milk coffee they have ever had in their whole lives.

“It’s getting late, but let’s come back tomorrow,” said Semore.
So they decided to go home.

When they came back the next day they saw another land. They found it quite exciting.

“Wow! A new land! How exciting!” said one of Semore’s sisters.

But now they felt hot. It was a warm sunny day. Suddenly the saw a pond and ducks were swimming in it. The water was cool and so inviting. So they all decided to jump into the pond. As they were frolicking and cooling their backs they felt the water receding. In a short while all the water vanished leaving them standing high and dry. They began to laugh at this strange experience. Just then they saw a small tree which the water had left in the middle of the pond. In their surprise, they all went to see the small tree. It was a talking tree. It said,

“Take a look at the hole near my roots. I have drunk all the water from the pond and now I can grow big and tall.”

“Hello! Are you a talking tree?” said Semore.

“Yes, I am. And I already know your name and the names of all your brothers and sisters. You are Semore and your sister is Manymore and your brother is Kerrymore.”

Semore was quite astonished.

“You’re amazing.”

“Well, since you are the first people to come here on the 34th year of my life on the 34th day of this month I will allow you to go through the hole behind me into another world,” said the talking tree.
“34 days in a month! Any honest month has only 30 or 31 days,” said Semore.

Some months also have 29 days,” said Manymore.

The leap year month has 28 days,” said Kerrymore.

“Keep quiet,” said the talking tree angrily. “Our months are all equal and we have 34 days in each month. Do you understand now?”

“Yes, we do,” said Semore for all of them.

Kerrymore said “Can we go into your home?

“Sure you can!” said the talking tree.

“Thank you,” said Semore.

They walked into the home of the tree and found themselves into a Fun land. Here there were toy shops, drug stores, candy stores mysterious shops and restaurants. It was fun to see the people with smiles on their faces walking into stores and restaurants. Not all of them were tall or big but were odd sizes. The Semore family had lot of fun in the fun land. But now it was time to go. So Semore said to all his brothers and sisters, 

“We’ll come back to this fun land tomorrow!”

When the next day they came back to the Fun land they even had more fun than they had yesterday. They checked out new places and bought new things. They spent the whole day looking at strange stops, walking into restaurants. They kept getting hungry when they looked at things. Suddenly it was time to go back home. They said thank you to the tree and went back home. But now they became so fond of the Fun Land that they came back every day. Each day they found out more things to enjoy. And the mouse family became good friends with the tree.

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You are a great story teller! I am waiting for the first copy of your book.
Mrs. Basu
What an imaginative story. I really enjoyed reading it. I loved the magical element in it. Good luck with your future writing endeavors.
I really liked your story. Very well written! You are a great writer :)
The imagination is just out of this world!
Dear Mrs Astridge,

Thank you for the wonderul comment. Yes I will send you the first copy of my published story.
Aryan Java Williams
What a fun story Aryan. I love when magical things happen.

You are quite a writer. I hope you will send me a copy of the first book you have published in the future.

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