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Daddy’s Teething Troubles
by Dr. Anil K. Prasad

My daddy is full of life.  He keeps himself busy with many things which I don’t understand.  I want him to be busy with me.  Sometimes I find him doing something on his computer.  When I come to the door of his study he will look at me and smile very kindly. I come into the room attracted by his smile.  But he would like me to be away for the time being. If I enter his study room in which there are so many interesting things for me to play with he immediately gives me an old notebook with a blunt pencil to write on that.  But I get bored soon. And I move towards other things and he takes me out. I stand at the door and make such a face that he again invite me in.   I do not pretend to feel bad.  If Daddy becomes angry with me, I feel like crying. This is because I love him. I want to be with him.  He is such a nice person to be with. He gives me everything I ask for. When he gets ready in the morning for the college, I also run for my shoes and socks! At that time I can notice his displeasure.  Mamma tries to avoid it and takes me to the balcony from where I shout, “Daddy, Bye, Bye! Daddy, Bye, Bye!” at the top my voice until he disappears taking the right turn towards the main street waving his hand at me.  

Sorry, to be very personal and take you down the turns and twists of my memory lane.  Anyways, in his study this time he gives me something more attractive. But after sometime I get bored again.  He gets up from his chair puts me on his back , bends down like a hunch back and tells me to catch his shoulders firmly and puts his fists joined together supporting me from behind and starts talking to me while walking as an animal. He calls himself my camel and also tells me that in a desert land camel is the most suitable animal. He asks me “Are you o.k.? Are you sitting comfortably?” Before I say anything he’ll tell me that no one can sit comfortably on the back of a camel. It is like sitting on a see-saw! Sometimes he becomes a horse, sometimes an elephant.    

Then I see Mamma, after feeding me and having breakfast with Daddy, sitting and writing.  She also wants me to be busy with myself, with my toys, with my bike, with my tiny books.  But they all bore me after some time. Suddenly she finds me writing something with her pen in her notebook. She does not like it. She tells me not to do that again. I say,” Sorry Mamma, I will not do it again” by catching both my ears and putting my head down. But I do not know what makes me repeat the same words in the same position, later, a number of times! Perhaps I do not know what these words mean.  I simply repeat like a parrot what they want me to repeat.

Daddy’s teeth are very white, the upper ones more than the lower ones. I don’t think he has teething troubles literally as I used to have. One day I start chewing my lower lip every now and then. He tells Mamma whom he considers more knowledgeable in my affairs. She too becomes worried.  In the evening they take me to my doctor. I like him too.  He is a very kind man. He always gives his phone to me to play with.  After peering inside my mouth he says, “Oh, it’s nothing.  You don’t have to worry.  He is teething.”  We came back home. 

Daddy’s teething troubles are different from mine.  His computer once gave him teething trouble. And he was very upset. He put the CD-Rewriter in his computer and he did not know how to copy files on another CD. This is not a very good time for me to go near him. When he thinks I am disturbing him he calls out to Mamma, sometimes desperately, asking her to take me away and in those moments I think he resembles me. In fact, he is so nice and loving that I want to help him in his teething troubles!  

Daddy is not a technical man, I suppose. He is an emotional man. This is what I think. One day he came home with a caller ID telephone set. It was very beautiful. The colorful numbers on the creamy face of the telephone invited me to play with them. I immediately took the receiver near my ear and started, “Nani, come, Nana come, I miss you.” He took away the receiver from my hand and told Mamma to keep me away from the instrument for some time. He was trying to fix the telephone set, with his face set.  He started choosing from the ring tones. But whenever he wanted to hear the one he liked the other one started ringing. But his teething troubles are like mine.  They are temporary. As someone comes near me during those “troubled times” I   bite so does Daddy in his own way! I don’t mean to say that he will bite me when I go near him during his teething troubles –  he will just push me away without saying anything. And after the trouble vanishes he will come to me and will try to make amends in many, many new ways. At that time I love to sit in his lap and feel that I am with a goody, good great guy! I know he feels proud too.  

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Very true to life. Yup, that's the way kids are. I ought to know; I taught them for 35 years in a kindergarten school where I found myself teaching the children of many of them, before retiring.
Pesi Padshah
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