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Three White Horses
by TA Ramesh
Born free are the white horses numbering
three in the picture on the wall;
Pure as milk white they represent
yesterday, today and tomorrow
Grazing green grass on the grazing ground
of the everlasting earth!

The past has just about to have left
unheard, unknown and unseen;
The present is glaringly
heard, known and seen in the middle;
And the future is not yet
heard, known and seen right!

The present with the past and the future
in the left and right
minds only what’s before it;
The present neither knows the past
nor bothers to know the future;
The position of the present is such that
it makes hay while the Sun shines!

Pegasus the flying horse was the legend
of yesterday;
Puritan is the best bet for the Jackpot
in the horse race today;
Perhaps Blue Pegasus may be the one to reach
the Stars in the Space tomorrow!

The legendary King Vikramadhitya had a flying horse,
A rare gift, it seemed to be in the golden period of India.
Now we don’t have such wise kings to rule the world;
And the flying horses too cannot be seen anywhere on the earth!

Now in the age of science and technology animals and men
are almost replaced by machines;
And the chance of any horse playing prominence
is made purposeless except in ceremonies!
Merely the power of the machines is measured
in terms of so many horses;
So, only the name of white horse is seen
in the labels of materials and machines!

The legendary Aurora arrives in a chariot
driven by seven white horses
Representing the seven colors of a rain bow,
an image impossible to ignore!
How beautiful, majestic and wonderful
this legendary God of Dawn, the Sun is!

The symbol of victory represents Lord Krishna and Arjuna
on a chariot pulled by four white horses;
Lord Krishna preached Bhagavat Gita on this symbolic
chariot on the battle of Kurukshetra;
Even today this symbolic preaching is
cherished in memory and followed in practice!

Whether it is 1 or 3, 4 or 7 white horse is a symbol
representing many immortal things to man;
Hence simply white horse means the symbol of
the past, the present and the future.
Perhaps the three white horses of the picture
denote the Trinity of the World Religion
Brahma, Vishnu and Siva, the symbol of
Creation, Preservation and Destruction;
And their consorts, Saraswathi, Lakshmi and Parvathi
represent Knowledge, Wealth and Power.

The will of Nature too orders all beings undergo
the process of birth, life and death,
The three stages constituting the complete life.
The Trinity is the principle of the Universe too;
Nothing but Space, Energy and Matter are
what the whole of the Universe is!

The past is not dead and gone;
The past is still present in the present.
The present is not present always;
So also the future is not far away;
And any moment the future will become the present!

The past, the present and the future are not separate entities;
They are the three phases of the one and the same Time-Spirit.
Only the moment the Matter is formed
in the Space, Time-Spirit is realized!

This Time-Spirit was there, is there and will be there;
This one and the only Spirit is manifesting
as Space, Matter and Time;
And this Spirit is the cause and the conclusion
of Space, Matter and Time!   

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