I Had A Dream ... by Sonali Patnaik
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I Had A Dream ...
by Sonali Patnaik

What is a dream? A dream is an ambition which we want to come true at least once in life.

I had many such dreams which I wanted to be fulfilled. One of my dreams was fulfilled : to go to Andaman and Nicobar Islands sitting in an aeroplane. I knew Wright Brothers had made the aeroplane. Since then, flying in the air has seen many developments. We see birds fly high in the sky. I also had a wish to fly high in the sky. So that I could see the planets, stars, sun from far above and also my beautiful motherland 'INDIA' below .But I thought my wish of flying in sky could not come true.

On 3rd October 2004 my dream was fulfilled. I took off for the islands from Kolkata Airport early in the morning. I was very excited initially. But was scared later. The duration of the flight was for an hour and forty minutes. During that time I could see the entire city, houses, roads, trees were looking very small. I could see the big rivers, deltas and the blue water of the sea. While passing through the clouds I was comparing myself with the birds in the sky. I could really see the islands from the air and enjoying on them. The islands were surrounded by water on all sides and the land was full of dense forests. There we visited different places by water boats. The beaches were very beautiful but crowded.

Before independence Andaman and Nicober islands were known as Kalapani. Many freedom fighters were sent to Kalapani for rest of their life. We could see Kalapani and the Cellular Jail, at night in cellular jail a light and sound show was held. It was about how our freedom fighters fought for the freedom of our country. There we visited different place to see the adivasis called Jarbwas and their culture. It was truly an amazing trip to Andaman. Just after two months of our visit on 26th December it was badly destroyed by the killer tsunami. God saved me and my family but could not save the innocent people who did no harm to others. I felt sorry for them. I feel sad that though God fulfilled my dream, many innocent people could not even remain alive to fulfill their dreams.    

by Sonali Patnaik (9 Years)

"I Had A Dream"
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