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Shadows in the Snow - Chapter 1
by Swapna Dutta
The mists have been swirling past my window all evening. Mists like a thin muslin veil. You can see through it but not very clearly. There are waves of white floating by.... one after another... with suggestions of colours now and then. I can catch glimpses of the pinewood which lies just outside the low garden wall. But the leaves seem to be a blurred mass of green. I cannot see the waterfall beyond the row of pines. But I can hear the water hurling down with a splash on to the rocks far down below. And I can imagine the spray rising up on both sides. Read On

Mr. Ahluwalia’s Special Tea Party
by Harsh Vardhan Joshi
It was 6 o’ clock in the morning when someone rang the doorbell. It was Mr. Ahluwalia. Mr. Ahluwalia was a person who could come anytime at your house for having tea. It could be 2.00 am, could be 4.00 am, it could be anytime. Read On

A Colony with Everything, but ...
by Harsh Vardhan Joshi
... Life can Change Anytime
Once upon a time there was a colony named Som Vihar. It had everything, every facility a man could need to lead a comfortable life. It had a swimming pool, a doctor, a barber and playing area for children. It was a huge colony and it also had a school inside its campus. Read On

The Mango Tree
by Triveni Goswami
I’m standing alone in this village. I’ve seen all the changes in the village life. I’ve seen how they came and settled, how generations lived here, how new machines came and how people deserted me and the village.
Read On

Weaving Tales for Children
by Ramendra Kumar
I was the Resource Person at the National Level Workshop on Creative Writing In English organized by The Department of English, Shillong College in collaboration with the North East Writers Forum on 21st and 22nd May. Read On 

New Poems
The Apartheid by Aditi Dwivedy 
Have a Ball!! by Ananya S. Guha 

The Diary
by Triveni Goswami 
Dear diary,    Many years have passed. I think it was 1998 when I last wrote to you. I was busy in making a project. A secret project. Read On

Bird, Farmer and the Internet
by Seshu Chamarty
Once there was a farmer. A bird had built a nest in the midst of his field. She gave birth to two children. They lived happily in the nest. After a few days the harvesting time came. The little birds said, "Mom! We will have to move". The mother bird replied, “Not so soon my dear little ones! The farmer is busy on Facebook" Read On

New Poems
The Cyclonic Storm by Ananya S. Guha 
Home Work! by Ananya S. Guha
Sundays by Ananya S. Guha
Change... by Ananya S. Guha
Authors by Ananya S. Guha
A Letter On Rains... by Ananya S. Guha
Freedom: A Song And A Poem !  by Ananya S. Guha
The House 
Love by Ananya S. Guha
Tutorials by Siba Smarak Panigrahi
Our India by Ananya Prasad
Poem by Ananya S. Guha  

Flowers and Life by G. Jaya Harshini 
The Peacock by G. Jaya Harshini 
New Poems 
I Recite a Poem by Ananya S. Guha 
Un-appreciated Gift by Siya Singh
A Picture by Ananya S. Guha
My World by Ananya S. Guha
Peace by Khadija Zaheer
Spring by Annie Thakur
Poem on School Days by Roshan
Time by Ananya S. Guha
I know and I guess by Akanksha Bhattacharjee  

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