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Bulbul - The Slow Learner
by Sujata C
The red vented bulbul is a slow learner. It never learns how to keep away from danger. When the nesting season of bulbuls is on, it scouts for a proper place to make a nest. Time and again, season after season, the bulbul builds its nest on the low branches of a garden croton, or the wooden trellis of the bottle gourd patch. Imagine this, in times when cats scale second and third floors of buildings with ease. Read On

The Super Detectives
by Suma 
Once upon a time in a village there lived a boy called Raj. His friends Rama, Sham, Bheem and Chutki. They called themselves as super detectives. They did it for fun. They would solve mysterious cases but would not demand money from anyone. Read On

A Lesson Nick
by Tanishq Dubey 
"Supper is ready!" said Nick's mother. She was a frail woman always troubled by her son. Nick was an eleven year old boy. He was the naughtiest boy in his school. He was very famous in his school for his terrible pranks and mischiefs.  All the teachers and even the principal were bored of hearing the apologies ... Read On 

The Street Dog
by Ananya Prasad 
I am a street dog. I was born near a petrol station. I and my mother lived happily there. I and my mother made a small house with mud and stone.  After a few days my mother died then I was feeling very lonely and scared. Read On 

Summertime in Cape Cod
by Anushka Ravindran
Cape Cod was a special place for Rachel Walker. She had been on many vacations before, but stepping outside and playing with her friend on the beach near the salty water was something new and exciting. Rachel and her best friend Sophie were both ten years old. Read On

Is Pen Mightier than the Sword?
by Umm-e-Aiman Vejlani
A ridiculous notion if one were to virtually visualize a trivial pen propped against a magnificent sabre or sword. But if one were to probe the depths of the disaster a pen could gorge, a sword would be gleefully welcomed for torture. Read On 
- My First Day at School 

A Butterfly Named Lila
by Sunwrita Dastidar 
There was once a butterfly named Lila. She was very beautiful. She had colorful wings, a lovely glossy body and a pair of the cutest antennae. Early each morning, she flew far away from her home with her younger brothers and sisters visiting one flower after another – busily collecting nectar for herself and the family. But there was something wrong. Lila felt very sad. Even in the bevy of beautiful butterflies, she was very lonely. Read On 
New Poems 
Tea  by Ananya S Guha
The Toothless Boy by Yastika Guru
This Summer... Ananya S Guha 
My Frame  by Avni Maheshwari 
The Colourful Peacock by Ananya Prasad 

The Reunion
by Sunwrita Dastidar
The sun shone in the brilliant blue autumn sky, strewn with fleecy clouds. A cool breeze blew through my hair, bringing with it the refreshing scent of an early morning. The birds chirruped in the trees, a sound rarely heard in our city. The joyful day mocked my dejected feelings. Today was to be a reunion. Read On

Morals V/s History 
Don't Pick!!

New Poems 
A Letter to a Friend in Mauritius by Pratyasha Panigrahi
Mornings by Ananya S. Guha  
School Anthem by Ananya S. Guha   
Food Glorious Food by Yastika Guru
Writing by Ananya S. Guha   
Now by Ananya S. Guha 
Oh No! by Ananya Prasad   
The Sun by Ananya S. Guha 
A Fall by Ananya S. Guha  

Gandhiji's Sorrow by Swadha Mohanty 

Mischief or ‘Missed the Chief’?
by Trippayar Sahasranaman Priyaa 
How bad could you feel when your freedom has been at stake right from the time you were born? Well, as a child Ruman did not think much about freedom but felt something stifling him all along. Neither did he understand why people around him chided him a lot, nor did he think he was doing something wrong. All he used to do was run around throw stones at birds, break the window panes and scream for no reason, and everyone other than him knew why he would face the consequences. Read On 

Friends Forever
by Anushka Ravindran 
The moment someone says, “What? You too! I thought I was the only one,” they have a chance of becoming friends. That’s what happened with me and Jane. On the bus ride home, the first day of school last year both of us were new.  Read On 

The Blessing in Disguise
by Trippayar Sahasranaman Priyaa
For everyone at school, that Friday was the best day of the week. Their school was taking the students to an art gallery in the afternoon. Exams were over and the teacher distributed the corrected answer sheets. Read On 

Lunar Eclipse by Swadha Mohanty

New Poems
The Five Elements by M.R. Gokul
Time by M.R. Gokul
The Umbrella by Ananya Prasad 
Phailin by Annie Thakur 
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